Teacher Spotlight: Mrs. Wiley


Teachers at East Hall do the most for their students to see  them succeed. By working long hours and making sure their students can do their best are reasons why they deserve recognition in our school. This September, pre-calculus teacher, Mrs. Wiley, is proud to be featured in the Teacher Spotlight for her hard work and dedication to her students and East Hall.


Carol Wiley has been teaching math for 29 years and has spent six years at East Hall as a math teacher. Mrs. Wiley graduated from East Hall High School and after years of teaching at other schools, has returned to her roots to teach at East Hall before she retires. She began teaching out of an impulse to find a career but over time she grew to love it and made it her passion. 


“I was always really good in math and I just thought you know I’ll be a math teacher. It wasn’t that I had this great love for students; I didn’t feel like God was calling me to it. Although, now I do feel that.”


Over the years, she’s seen how her decision out of happenstance became her real passion that she’s found. 


Mrs. Wiley has taught pre-calculus for 23 years, but this is her first year being the only pre-calculus teacher at East Hall. Before this year, she worked three years as a special education co-ed teacher and says it was a good experience to see all sides of students here. However, this challenge has not phased her. She explains how she has been doing this year is based on her students. Teaching becomes an easy job for her because of the students she has this year.


“It’s probably the best group of students I’ve ever taught. I have really good students.”


Many of her students also see the hardwork and dedication she puts into teaching. Jocelyn Castro, a junior, appreciates Mrs. Wiley as a teacher and a person. 


“She’s a really good teacher. Mrs. Wiley tries very hard to give us enough assignments so we can understand all the math especially since it’s a really hard class. As a person, she’s so helpful and sweet. If we need something, she’s there for us. I know I have asked her for favors before and she has been there to help.”


Mrs. Wiley has worked very hard throughout her career and has had many experiences teaching and cannot wait for what the rest of this year has to offer. She is greatly appreciated at East Hall for her hard work and dedication and is September’s Teacher Spotlight.