Volleyball Recap


The East Hall Viking Varsity team have been non-stop playing for their season with an average of two games a week.  


With this new season, we would like to introduce the new coaches. The varsity team welcomes Coach Rylas to the team, and with Junior Varsity they get to know Coach Mitchell. The coach’s year has been helping the team with their strength and team bonding. 


For this year’s roster we have our junior varsity with Anahi Contreras grade 9th, Cady Copuos grade 10th, Annie Fair grade 8, Trinity Fletcher grade 9, Esmeralda Huizar grade 9, Summer Mayabb grade 10th, Bridget Perez grade 9, Cheyenne Smith grade 9, Coriya Ware grade 9 and Amy White grade 10th. 


Speaking with freshmen Bridget Perez that plays for the Junior Varsity is a setter right. Bridget has been playing for two years now, by picking up volleyball back in middle she found a liking to it and continue with it in high school. 

“I always wanted to play volleyball and playing with the high school is so different but I love it,” Bridget goes on to say. 


Bridget mentions how the coaches have been a huge help to make her a better player, “ I became such a better player with the help of our coaches but also my teammates. After every game wins or loses coach Mitchell would reminder that the most important thing is how you played as a team, not in the individual.” 


For our Varsity team with a total wins of 17 and lose of 10 needless to say nothing is stopping them from finishing off strong. 


With the Varsity Team made up of Kaylie Fletcher 11th grade, Nehemiah Jinks grade 10th, Alyssa Lee grade 10th, and Jomaris Maldonado grade 9th. To congratulate our senior this year and of our varsity team Tessa Rider, Alysia Teague, Janelly Lara, and Melissa Dominguez, with all the girls have been playing since freshman year they have enough determination for the season. 


Melissa Dominguez explains how she developed as a player, “ I always enjoyed playing sports, Volleyball just became one of those sports that I wanted to keep playing and wanted to improve as a player.”


Highlights of the season are Player of the Match which is Freshmen Jomaris Maldonado and Sophomore Nehemiah Jinks. Jomaris is the player of the match for East Hall vs. Hart County Jomaris position is outside hitter but what got the team through the match was her attitude 


As Coach Mitchell goes on to say, “Jomaris’ positive attitude and drive to win kept us encouraged during tough times throughout the match.” 


Nehemiah is player of the match for East Hall vs. Cherokee Bluff. Nehemiah position is Middle Hitter in which in her skills is what made the match a difference. 


Coach Mitchell goes on to say how Nehemiah showed her player abilities that match, “Nehemiah helped us keep the momentum going throughout the match tonight.”