Successful Showcase for Viking Theatre Group


On Thursday, September 19th, the Theatre Program had a showcase displaying scenes the class has worked on since the beginning of the school year. Theatre students performed their scenes and the audience got to vote on their favorites. The scenes that are most voted on are chosen to represent our Troupe #5432  for competitions. The students who performed worked hard and got to represent their pieces for the Viking Community. 


To start the night a scene from “Dearly Departed” was performed by Ruby Sanchez(11) playing Lucille, Gissele Silva(12) playing Juanita, Chelsea Priest(11) playing Suzanne, and myself(10) playing Marguerite. Dearly Departed written by David Bottrell, is about a dysfunctional, southern family who goes to a funeral. Our group performed Act 2, Scene 6, a part of the play where family members prepares food for the family. Timothy Jenkins performed a piece from “The Rocky Horror Picture Show” titled “Sweet Transvestite.”  The Rocky Horror Picture Show is about an engaged couple whose car breaks down near a mansion. Desperate for a phone to call help on, they seek help at the house. The owner of the house was Dr. Frank N. Furter, a mad scientist. This is when the famous song “Sweet Transvestite” was performed by Dr. Furter. 


Later on in the night Maura Ostrander(11) performed a monologue from the play “Including Shooter.” Including Shooter is a play that sheds light on a touchy subject, school shootings. Maura performed a scene playing the girlfriend of the shooter. The emotional monologue includes the girlfriend’s happy memories of her boyfriend who goes on to being the person who takes the lives of many. Allie Ladd(11) also performed a monologue from Including Shooter, her character, a drug addict, who gives a very emotional testimony about the shooting. While their were dramatic pieces performed by students, their were also funny pieces that were showcased. Allie Ladd also had a funny piece to contrast with her dramatic performance entitled “I ate the Divorce Papers,” from the published play “Goodbye Charles,” written by Gabriel Davis. The monologue was about a wife going through a divorce with her husband, and instead of signing the divorce papers, she ate them in efforts to save her marriage. 


The VVTG will continue to work hard transitioning into their play for next semester. Select pieces that were showcased were chosen to go to competition, including the pieces of Maura Ostrander, Noah Ledford, Allie Ladd, and Timothy Jenkins. The Theatre Programs hopes the pieces are successful at competition and that the class can further improve their scenes.