The Mystery Man

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A mystery man sat alone at a booth sipping his now cold coffee. 


“Can I get ya anything else suga?” Asked the waitress with a motherly smile. He smiled back and shook his head gently. 

“Thank you ma’am but I best be going now. I gotta catch the bus, I’ll just have the bill.” 


The waitress nodded and walked away. While waiting for the bill mystery man felt eyes on him. He looked up to find the most beautiful pair of jade green eyes. The woman smiled slightly before looking away shyly. The waitress came back with the bill. 


“So where ya heading off to this late at night?”

“I’m going to the city ma’am.”

“The city? Why?”


The man handed her the cash for the bill. 


“Keep the change miss, as a tip.” 


The bill was only five dollars, he handed her a twenty. She smiled at such generosity. 


“Well y’all be careful out there now ya here. They haven’t caught that serial killer and it’s late too.” 


The man nodded and tipped his hat. He wished the waitress well before heading out. While walking he heard a soft clicking noise behind him. The sound of heels. He turned to see the same beautiful jade eyes from the coffee shop. The woman caught up to him. 


“Going my way?” She asked. 

“Why yes.”

“Mind if I walk with you? It’s scary out here.”

“Not at all miss.” 


He offered his arm which she gladly took. They walked in a comfortable silence with the sound of their feet in perfect sync. The stars lit the way as they walked. The woman jumped when a black cat ran passed them.


“Afraid are we?’ Asked the mystery man. 

“Who wouldn’t bee with that maniac on the loose. They haven’t caught him yet and could be anywhere.”

“Don’t worry miss I’ll keep you safe.” 


The woman smiled squeezing the man’s arm. She gasped a little. 


“Wow aren’t you a  strong man, I bet you keep your girlfriend safe.”

“No miss I don’t have a girlfriend.”

“I don’t believe. You’re a young handsome man, any woman would love to be your girl.”


The man chuckled at the woman’s pathetic attempt to flirt. It was amusing, that’s what he liked best about women. Their willingness to chat up a boy for their affection. To get anyone to hold them during the cold. Speaking of cold the woman shivered. Knowing what he had to do the man took off his jacket and draped it over the tiny woman. She buried her body in the fabric absorbing it’s warmth. 


“If ya don’t mind me asking, where ya heading off to?” Asked the woman.

“The city, what about you?”

“The same for me. I wanna be a star. Ma said I wouldn’t make it being from a small town but I’m willing to try. What about you?”

“To be noticed.” 


That’s all he said. He never explained what he meant by being noticed but she assumed he wanted to be famous like her. The wind picked up causing both to shiver. They picked up speed trying to make it to the bus stop. Silence fell before them as they walked. The night sky twinkled above them still shining specks of light illuminating their way. But suddenly the man stopped walking. He looked up at the sky. 


“Why you stop walking? We’re almost to the bus stop.” 

He didn’t answer, instead he went off on an odd tangent. 


“Do you ever think about how we’re worthless?”

“What?’ The woman was confused. 

“We don’t matter in this world because we all die. When it’s your time to go that’s it. There’s not rewind button to do something differently that wouldn’t end up your death.”


He looked at her. His eyes were wild with wonder. He smiled a smile that held emotion, so much emotion. The woman backed away.  He noticed and began to speed walk to her. He grabbed her by the shoulders and shook her voitley. 


“Everyone will notice who I am. They’ll be speaking my name on the streets and in shops. They’ll know who I am.” 


The woman began to scream. The man took his blazer off the woman and used the sleeves to make a beautiful necklace around her throat. He pulled the sleeves tight so she changed colors. She turned a bright pretty red then a dazzling cool blue before going limp. She fell in his arms. He carried her a block away then sat her down next to a sleeping homeless man. He continued his walk while putting his coat back on. He made it to the bus stop on time, the bus was already arriving. The bus doors opened revealing a middle-aged fat man. 


“Where ya heading?’ 

“The city my good man.”