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One More Day Left

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Homecoming is just around the corner and what better way to celebrate it then by  a pep-rally. Sadly, the high school won’t be able to provide a pep-rally for their students but that doesn’t stop the community to support their students. 


The Homecoming Community Pep-Rally was  held at the East Hall Stadium this Thursday at 7:00pm.


The Community Pep-Rally is held for the East Hall community to get everyone ready for the game and introduce the homecoming court. Food was provided along with live music provided by the East Hall Band and performance by the cheer-leading team. The Community Pep-Rally is held every year by the Touchdown Club. 


The layout of the Pep-Rally starts out with the band entering with having a just a minor parade at the stadium. Following with a performance with our very own cheerleader. With our homecoming court made their appearance throughout the night. 


Speaking with one for our Representative of the Junior class Evelyn Escobedo goes on how she felt throughout the pep-rally, “ I really enjoyed its makes everything so much more surreal. Like homecoming overall just came out of nowhere. But I think everyone had fun tonight and excited to play Fannin Tomorrow.”


Lesile Sorto on her last year of high school and part of the East Hall High School band goes on to say, “The best part of the pep-rally is the end of the night where we have our bonfire. The Pep-Rally in general is for everyone but at the end of the night, I would like to think that the bonfire is for the seniors to celebrate them.” 


Mauriana Gilbert a sophomore for the current school year at East Hall High School has taken her time to answer a few questions about the community pep-rally. She shared her excitement about homecoming at the  community pep-rally, “I’m looking forward to spending time with my friends at homecoming, this better than last year. I really wanted to come out and just be part of this because that’s what high is about.” 


That’s a wrap for our homecoming pep-rally. Make sure to come in support our lovely homecoming court and watch the football team take down Fannin County Friday at 7:30.