Interact Club Contributes to Relief Effort in the Bahamas

Interact Club Contributes to Relief Effort in the Bahamas

After Hurricane Dorian at the start of hurricane season, the Bahamas were left destroyed in the aftermath of the storm. Many organizations around the world have helped the area by sending donations, aid, and supplies needed for the people still there, but now we have a club in East Hall helping with the relief help too. The Interact Club is having a drive to bring in supplies in order to send to the Bahamas by holding a contest for advisement classes. This drive will last the whole month of October. 


The Bahamas Hurricane Relief drive was started by the Interact Club after Ms. Dudley, the club’s advisor, saw on the media how destroyed the Bahamas were. The drive is set up like a contest for advisement classes where different supplies are worth more points and the class with the most points wins a pizza party. Interact is accepting paper materials worth 1 point, toothbrushes worth 1 point, canned foods worth 2 points, and feminine hygiene products worth 4 points. All donations should be dropped off in room 123 and the winner will be announced at the beginning of November. Ms. Dudley decided it would be good for the Interact Club to start this drive for the reason of,


“I thought it would be good to help the people of the Bahamas since so many Americans enjoy what the Bahamas have had to offer in the past.”


Interact Club is the only East Hall organization holding a drive for the Bahamas hurricane relief and is only sending the donations as an individual source. They plan to take all the donations to a “pick up point” where people then send those items to the Bahamas and are distributed to the people affected there. Ms. Dudley says she hopes to see this one drive grow into something more than a one time relief effort,


“At this point, it is an individual donation I’d like to see it become a program.”


However, she does say that more drives will be held by Interact Club for all sorts of funds and relief efforts and hopes to do well in all of them. 


Students support the idea of being able to make a change in the world and help people that have lost so much in the wake of tragedy. Destiny Brooks, a Junior, loves the idea of a contest being held to help with hurricane relief. She says,


“When bad things happen so far away from you, you feel like you can’t do much to help even if you want to. This drive allows a lot of students to be able to participate in doing good for others. I’m really excited about it and I hope Interact Club can receive and send a lot of donations and supplies.”


Support the Interact Club and help the people in the Bahamas restore their country as they recover from Hurricane Dorian which devastated them. Just bring in a couple of supplies to help people in need and be able to win a pizza party for your advisement. There is still time until the end of October so start now to make a difference.