The Chain letter

It was a late school night and instead of sleeping or staying up late to do school work I was searching through the dark web. I know it was stupid but I’ve done it multiple times so I thought nothing of it. I used an old laptop I had for a while so if I got a virus I could just throw it out. I was looking through some of the websites. Some were to buy human skin and others for more questionable things. Not safe for work things.  


I was just looking at them until I came upon this one website called Chain Letters. I was about to skip this website since I’ve had my share of stupid chain letters in middle school. They all ended in a similar way: If you don’t share this with a certain amount of people then something bad will happen. 


I wasn’t a superstitious kid so I didn’t participate. And as I expected nothing happened. I looked at a few but one caught my eye. This one chain letter spoke out to me. It read along the lines of:


Two children disappeared in 1846. They were never found but they are summoned by reading this letter. If you don’t forward this letter to ten people then they will come for you in hopes to find their dead parents. You’ll know they’re there when you can hear their laughter and the pats of their small feet running through your house. You have to play hide and seek with them, reach moring you live. If they find you, you’ll join them. 


I rolled my eyes. This sounded faker than any other chain letters I’ve ever received. I clicked off the website and went to a few more. It was about two thirty in the morning when I heard creaking outside my room door. Thinking I was about to get caught being up so late on a school night I closed the laptop and dove for my bed. I could see the hallway light turn on. A loud cough, it was my dad. When the light turned off, the footsteps stopped I went back to my desk and opened up the laptop. 


When I opened the laptop there was a pop up. 


Wanna play hide and seek?


I clicked the big red X in the top right hand corner. It went away for a short while but came back. This time with a low but high pitched noise. I could faintly hear it but it made my dog go wild. He started barking waking up my parents. I quickly pressed the X. it stopped and so did my dog. I decided that that was enough dark web for tonight and clicked out of it. I ran a virus check, there were none. I decided to go watch some fail videos but the same pop up kept popping up. This time it wouldn’t let me click off. There was no X and instead of asking to play hide and seek it was telling me I was playing hide and seek whether I wanted to or not. 


The screen shut off and I couldn’t get it to turn back on. I even tried turning it on and off. There was a ringing in my ear, that’s when I heard the laughter. It was followed by the sound of patting from small feet. Then it stopped. I wasn’t certain but I’m pretty sure they had stopped in front of my door. The door knob began to move. They were in front of my door and they were trying to get in. 


Trying to think on my feet I ran to my closet and buried myself underneath a pile of dirty clothes I have yet to wash. I left the door open thinking I could trick them into thinking I wasn’t here. My room door creaked open eerily. They were giggling and running through my room. They looked under the bed, behind my curtain and under the desk where my computer sat. then they looked at the closet. Like lighting they were in front of the closet perring in. They looked through the clothes hanging up then went to the pile I was buried in. They started throwing the clothes off the top, slowing reaching to the bottom where I was at. 


Surely they’d find me and make me disappear. That was until the whines of my dog woke my mother up. The kids ran out of my room. I ran out of my room as well. But when I did the house seemed much darker than before. The stairs seemed much steeper too. And the hall looked so much longer. Was this the game? Whatever I have to find a hiding spot. I decided to go into my parent’s room. I expected my dad to be asleep since my mom was the one who woke up to tend to the dog but the bed was empty. Like it had never been slept in. 


The laughter of small children broke my thoughts, I have to hide. I decided to in in my parents personal bathroom and lock the door. I could hear them search the house for me. Breaking glasses, knocking over decorations, they were making a mess. I couldn’t focus on that right now. I have to see the sun rise. 


“We know where you are hiding. Come out with us.” I could hear them say in unison. I tried to stay really quiet but tripped over the rug in the bathroom. Crap! That was a stupid move! Instantly the doorknob began to turn. They’re giggling like mad men as the dor turns. It didn’t even stop, it was locked. I know I had locked that door but it was moving as if I never locked it. Time was slow but also fast. I felt nauseous and feel to my knees. My stomach had a queasy feeling. My body felt like it was moving up and down and sideways. The doorknob kept turing. The door should be opened by now. Why hasn’t the door opened yet? Then I blacked out. I woke up in my bed. 


I don’t remember going to bed. My door slammed open with my mom screaming at me for being late. Wait, it was morning. I looked at the clock. It was ten forty five in the morning. I-I have survived. I survived the game, I made it to morning. I sprung up from my bed, hugged my mom then threw out my laptop. I’m done with the deep web. 


But now you’ve read the chain letter. 

You have to send this story to ten people.

But if you don’t believe me, you better have a good hiding place.