Senior Spotlight: Maritza Hernandez


 As we go into the year students make an impact by small or big things.This week  Maritza Hernandez is in our student spotlight she is a senior with a 4.0 unweighted GPA.She has all straight A’s every since she came here to East Hall and still continues to have outstanding grades. Maritza is a member of HOPE for the past year and she is also in NJROTC since her freshman year as well as National Honor Society. To start off she takes her classes at Early College Jones in the morning for two class periods and make her back to East Hall. Once she graduates from high school, she hopes to get her degree in moderate language and hopes to become a translator. Maritza is planning to attend college at the University of Texas at Arlington.


 In her spare time she spends her time studying, work out, read, and create new memories with her friends and family. She is the type of person who you see in the hallway with an energetic personality and is always a genuine happy person who you can make easy conversation and loves to meet new people. Maritza is a very approachable and a hard worker and is very determined to work for what she wants. An interesting fact about her is that she lived in Mexico for fourteen years and made it possible for herself to come here and learn English and make herself go far in life. Maritza’s journey throughout has had their ups and downs due to the fact that she did not know English which was her freshman year, but as she made her objective to learn it but overall for her it was very exciting. It was a fun four high school years because of participating in school events such as football games and community service hours for HOPE. The best part of high school for her was the experience in general , the opportunity of meeting new people with a different mentality expanded perspective in various aspects of life.


 Questions I had asked Maritza How do you feel about leaving High School? And What advice would you give to any underclassmen?


‘’ I feel nervous but at the same time excited about the fact of starting a new chapter in my life’’ 

‘’I would tell them to take advantage of High School, of the facilities and opportunities that it gives you, to also have fun as long as you take care of your grades. Also, do not close your mind to new things and opportunities, you may learn a lot from them.’’