It’s out with the old, in with new in the weight training room


The weight training room now upgraded with brand new weights like bumpers, bars and so much more. Coach Marsh who is the teacher for weight training made this decision to get the new equipment as well as Mr.Copper.


 The had received the new equipment on September 20th and have been using it ever since the equipment had arrived at East Hall. Barry Stieson is an outside contributor who helped out get the equipment for the students to have some use. The reason for the need to get new equipment is because it was starting to fall apart and would be a safety issue for the students because they could get injured because the equipment is not safe. 


Coach Marsh keeps the new equipment in the room for students to visually see it as well as use it during class time. Old equipment was thrown away because it was worn out, recycled, processed and reprocessed. Processed and reprocessed means that they are used in a different purpose for example calf raises. The new equipment that they had received was worth 2,000 pounds worth of bumpers. The bumpers were a gift from an outside contributor which was Barry Stieson and the bars were given from the school board. Before coach Marsh was the new weight training teacher they had new equipment such as bands and bars. 


“Oh yes very excited and thrilled, I think they will be useful for the students and of course with the new equipment we will have to take every safety precaution’’ Coach Marsh talks about how he is excited about the equipment. 


“’I love the new weight training equipment because it looks brand new and we needed a refresh for a long time, because of the bumper plates were even cracked and we would run out and sometimes we would have to use metal plates for certain exercises on the wood floors and we would not really be conservative of that. So now that we got new equipment and it helps us take care of things and the new bar especially I do not have to use chalk anymore I can just grab on with good grip without the chalk,” Heriberto Mendoza a Junior talks about the new weights in class. 


In the time to come to the weight room as we know, it will not be called weight room in three to six months, it will be called ‘’The Forge’’ refers back to Viking and deals with East Hall as they transform young boys into young mature men. The reason why it will take three to six months approximately is that the Graphics and Design class will have to look and see what is needed to be done because so they can move forward into changing the name. The name will be hanged as you enter or leave the “Forge” room.