The Elevator Game

Everyone knows  the story of the Elevator game and how some woman was found in a water tank but no one knew how she got up there. I’ve seen people online try and attempt to do said Elevator game but it’s either faked or they chicken out before anything gets good. I’ve always wanted to see if such games like that worked, if they actually lead to another world. And I had the perfect opportunity to test my theory. 


All the names will be changed. You’ll see why. 


Every year my friend rents out a fancy and expensive hotel for his birthday. He invites all his friends and we party on the rooftop like animals. It was the most fun thing ever. Since his family is super rich they would have a limo come pick up who ever he invited. We’d stay for about three days before his birthday then on his actual birthday we’d have the big rooftop party mentioned before. 


It was a hot summer day when I got a notification on my phone from said friend. Since the events that unfolded made everyone uncomfortable I’ll call him Jermey as to not expose his identity. When I got the text from Jermey that I was invited to his birthday blow out I was ecstatic. The limo was coming at six thirty pm. Even though I had more than enough time to pack I began packing some clothes right away. When the limo came I was already outside my house waiting. 


I could hear pounding music before I even saw the vehicle. I could see colorful lights and when the limo pulled up next to me I could hear all my friends laughing it up. The person who drives the limo came out and hurriedly opened the car for me. I thanked him quickly before diving in. 


“Anyone else on the list sir?” The limo driver asked Jermey. 


Jeremy looked at the list on his phone. 


“Only one more person.” He responded. 


He gave the driver the address. He thanked my friend and rolled up the little window. 


“Who else are you getting?” I asked. 


Since his family is rich and all Jermey kept his friend pool pretty limited do to the fear of only having gold digging friends. 


“What?” He shouted. 


The music in the vehicle was so loud I had to shout louder, “Who else are you getting?!”  


“Someone.” He responded. 


I just shrugged it off. Maybe it was an old friend he made from moving to many different schools. We all laughed and had fun blowing bubbles, drinking sodas and playing with some glow in the dark silly string. Soon the door opened revealing some dude I’ve never seen before. We all stared at him while he stared back at us. 


“Guys this is Collin.” Jeremy said. We all waved at him and Jeremy pulled him inside. 


“That’s all, lets go.”


The driver nodded and drove to the hotel. We continued to have fun with all the things we had and tell jokes and some inside jokes as well. Before we knew it we had arrived at the hotel. Everyone got out and gawked at the hotel. It had to be at least ten stories high. We grabbed our overnight bags and ran in. Jeremy’s parents had already made the reservation and told them what was going on so we didn’t need to check in. We could do whatever we want, well almost whatever. Every year we had to have a chaperone to make sure we don’t accidentally die. But the chaperone was cool with everyone in the group so it was fine. 


We went up to the top floor which was the tenth floor. It was the biggest suite this hotel had and let me tell you it was huge. There was a mini ball pit in to the room and four beds for the eight of us, two people per bed. We were all pretty small so we could share a bed but Collin wasn’t as small as the rest of us. He was an overweight kid. 


“Yo this is so cool.” Derrick said. 

“That’s not even all of it, look.” Jeremy opened the curtains to reveal a balcony. We all went outside to look over the city. It was the most beautiful thing I’ve ever seen. And since we were so high up everyone looked so small. 


“This is so cool.” I whispered. 


We all went back in and the three day party began. On the first day we didn’t do much. We just played some video games on the large flat screen tv. We even played games that haven’t come out yet. Then we ate some pizza then called it a night. The next day is when things started to pick up. The chaperone took us out for the day, we went to a really awesome trampoline place, played laser tag, ate then did some more activities. Everyone was having a blast. Well except one person. 


“Hey why is he all the way back there?” I asked Jeremy. I pointed behind us to Collin walking alone with his head down. 

“I don’t know.”

“Isn’t he your friend?” 

“No, he’s my mom’s work friend’s son and she decided to invite him since he didn’t have any friends.” 

“Oh, we should try talking to him.”

“You can.” 


Then Jeremy went to talk to another friend. I walked toward Collin. 


“You know speaking to people will make them want to be your friend.” I said. He didn’t say anything back. Okay. I didn’t try again. 


The third night of the birthday blowout was upon us. We were having a blast on the roof of the hotel. Since the hotel was informed that loud children would be partying on the rooftop they had built a fence so we wouldn’t fall off but that didn’t stop us from getting hurt. 


I went over to my group of friends and asked if they wanted to play a game. They said yes intrigued as to what we were going to play. I told them we had to sneak away so the chaperone wouldn’t hear us then I’ll tell them what we were going to play. They agreed and we all snuck out. Collin was sitting alone. I didn’t ask if he wanted to play I just told him to follow everyone else. He did. 


Once we were back in the room I explained the game. The Elevator game. 


“I’ve heard of this.” Said Tyler. 

“Great so this is how you play. One of you have to go in the elevator by yourself on the first floor, go to the fourth floor but don’t get out then you have to go to the second floor. Still you can’t get out then go to the sixth floor again don’t get out the go back to the second floor stay in then go to the tenth floor. If you hear someone calling your name don’t answer, just don’t. The elevator will stop on the fifth floor and a woman will enter. Whatever you do don’t look or talk to her. Then press the button for the first floor but the elevator will go to the tenth floor that means you have done everything right but if you go to the first floor you’ve done it wrong and get off on the first floor immediately. Still, don’t look at the woman. Then to get back to this world just press the first floor button until the elevator moves then you’ll be back here with us. Got it?”


Everyone seemed to understand the rules and decided they still wanted to play. 


“Nose goes for who’s it.” I said.


 Everyone put their finger on their nose but Collin was too slow. He had to play the game. Since everyone wanted to still experience the game in some sort of fashion Collin was ordered to record everything on his phone. We all went to the first floor and sent Collin on his journey. He looked like he was about to pee himself when the doors shut. We all waited to what seemed to be an hour or so when the elevator door opened. Collin wasn’t there but his phone was. Derrick went to grab the phone and when he did the doors shut as if it was waiting for one of use to get the phone so it could close. 


There was a video, Derrick pressed play. Collin had recorded himself playing the game. He had pressed all the right buttons and stayed in. When the elevator opened on the fifth floor we all knew that the lady entered. He didn’t look at her but he was softly crying He was so scared. But what happened next made us all faint. When the door opened he ran out dropping his phone. We heard a loud screeching noise before the video stopped. 


We had to tell someone what happened. We told the chaperone who called the police. In the video Collin ran out on the tenth floor but when we checked he wasn’t there. We never saw Collin again. We don’t bring up that day at all. Jeremy moved two months after that happened. 


I only bring it up now because I was watching the news with my parents. They had a story on the Elevator game. They brought up the woman who went missing playing the game then brought up Collin. He was found in one of the maintenance closets but they don’t know how he got there since the closet was locked and still locked when they found him.