Basketball Preview


Imre Earls

With Football season  down to two games, the basketball season is getting ready to start up and our athletes ready to start off the season. 


The East Hall basketball team is known for always being a great team . Basketball season has been working since their camp in the summer. For the girl’s basketball team, is Coach Wheeler and Coach Joey. For the boy’s basketball, it’s Coach Tompson and former East Hall Student Coach Cooper 


Carly Campbell has been playing since she was in elementary with little league. As well as  being part of the East Hall Middle School team and East Hall High School team last year. 


 With Junior year rolling in, she talks about this upcoming season, “With try-outs  and the summer camp it’s a way to know how the season would be. Especially the summer camp it gives you almost in sight on how practice and the coaches would be through the season.”


Carly keeps saying how summer camp is very important if you are serious about making the team, “The basketball boot camp is something that as a player you really have to go or not going to try-outs it’s going to be completely different.” 


Audrey Griffin, on her Sophomore year, is excited for this years new season. Audrey has been playing basketball her whole  life. With many accomplishments, one being bringing the Hall county Champions for East Hall Middle girl’s basketball team her eighth grade year. 


“This is a new season that I’m really excited for this season and super excited to work with team,” Audrey goes on to say. 


Imre Earls, in his junior, it’s a very important year for him. Imre has been playing Basketball since he was four years old. Now in high school, he is hoping to get a basketball scholarship.

“I always want to give it my 110% in anything if it’s try-outs, practice and the games itself. I want to play my best and always find things I can improve on.”  


With Basketball season just around the corner our players are ready to give it their all to the game they love.