How to Land That Internship


There will always be people who suggest to get an internship. It looks good on your resume or cover letter and can give you a leg up when applying to college. However, getting an internship can be difficult. I’m going to go through the process that I went through to get my internship.

The process begins by knowing where you want to intern at. For example, think about the career that interests you and that will help narrow down the internship that is right for you. 

To begin this whole process, I went to talk to my workplace learning coordinator, Mrs. Stacy Crain. She told me how I had to fill out an application for work-based learning. In the application process, you explain to her the type of internship you are interested in and gather recommendations from your teachers.

In my case, I told her that I wanted to be a medical assistant and that I would like to be in the hospital internship that they offered.

After I turned in the application, I let about one or two weeks pass by before I was called  to the counselor’s office and they gave me a packet to fill out since the type of internship that I want to be in  had a little bit more requirements than all of the other ones.

 In that packet, I filled out some paperwork with my parents explaining how serious this type of internship was because it was dealing with actual patients and how you were going to be in an actual hospital environment. We also had to read some rotations from one being the one that you most wanted to 26 being the one that you were least interested in.

One other thing that you had to do with that package was turned in your immunization records.

 One of the most important aspects of the application is the essay that you have to write. My advice is to  put yourself out there and express your feelings towards why you want that internship, because you don’t realize that you’re competing with all of these other students to get in and that only a small percentage of you will actually get in.

After you turn all of this in, all you have to do is the wait over the summer to see if you get accepted. You usually know by the end of July. 

Once you know if you are accepted,  you have to wait for about another 2 to 3 weeks before you can actually start because during that time you will have to go to the open house where they will tell you everything from the uniform that you will wear to where you’re supposed to park.

Overall, I can tell you that it was a wonderful experience working at the hospital and it gives you a taste of what it is really like. Some advice that I can give every single student that wants to be an intern is to never give up on yourself, always be confident of what you can do, and what you can learn. Don’t ever give up.