The Devil in Disguise

I loved visiting my grandpa, every time I’d visit he’d tell me stories. I always loved his stories. He used to tell them to my siblings but they lost interest. But I never did. He’d tell me childhood and urban legends his grandparents told him and so on. His eyes would light up when I asked him to tell me more stories. He died when I turned thirteen. He was really old, one hundred and three years old. I had visited him two weeks before he died. My siblings played on their phone while I was in the kitchen listing to another one of his chilling urban legends. He called it the Devil in Disguise. 


It was about this horned like creature that took the form of anything ranging from a simple house cat to a human being. But they tend to take the form of someone you trust. Like a friend or family member. They also have bright red eyes.  He said they take form when someone is vulnerable and at their weakest point. That helped me develop trust issues, especially when I’m sad. The way he told the story made my hair stand on end. That was the last time I saw him. Mom broke the news to me when I was at school during lunch, after she told me she had to come pick me up. 


Two weeks later we were getting ready for the funeral. I was trying to put on my dress pants but having trouble doing so. I tripped over my shoes on the floor and fell. I started to cry. Not because I fell but because of the stress. I must’ve been a loused cryer because my mom came in to comfort me. She shushed softly in my ear. 


“Hey buddy,” She whispered. “You okay?”

“No.” I croked. 


After I calmed down mom whipped the tears off my cheeks. 


“Everything will be okay.” She whispered again. 


She held my face to make me look at her. She smiled sadly and kissed my forehead. She helped me finished getting dressed and walked out of the room with me. We held the funeral at a church but on the outside. You could hear the soft cries of family members while the preacher was preaching. I laid my head on my mom trying not to cry myself. It was a windy day and my hair kept getting in my face. As I kept moving the strands of hair out of my face I saw something. I ignored it was I thought it was nothing. 


As the funeral went on there was another big gust of wind. I moved my hair again then I saw him. My grandpa, he was behind the preacher. Stunned I just stared at him. His mouth began to move but i couldn’t hear anything he was saying. He cupped his hands over his mouth and shouted “Don’t believe him.”  What? What was he talking about but more importantly how was he here when he’s supposed to be dead?  The funeral ended and they lowered the casket into the ground. 


That’s when the real water works began. After the service there was a silent car ride home. I didn’t feel like going to the wake. When we got home I immediately went straight to bed. I tried to go to sleep, it took a few tries but I eventually did fall asleep. The dream I had was weird. I was in my grandpa’s kitchen and my siblings were on their phone in the living room. Just like the last time I saw him alive. I looked over at my grandpa who looked sad. 


“Why are you sad papa?” I asked. 

“Ay nino, I don’t have much time but whatever you do don’t listen to him.”

“Him? Papa what are you talking about?” 

“Don’t listen to him.” 


There was a loud bang. I jolted awake, the sun poured in from the cutians. Morning already? Still half asleep I walked into the living room. 


“What’s going on?” I asked. 


Mom looked at me then told me to get dressed. Were were going to Papa’s house to clean it out. I went to put on some jeans and a shirt and walked back out. We drove to my grandpa’s house. When we walked in we all shivered a little, it was so cold in here without him. We spent the whole day cleaning out the house. There wasn’t much in there besides his clothes and a few objects. We decided to keep the furniture inside for the next family member who decided to live in the house. As we were shipping the last few things away something caught my eye. It was a shiny lockit in the closet on the top shelf. Getting a chair I grabbed the lockit. I opened it to find a picture of my grandpa. I held it close to my chest and decided to keep it. 


After not being at school for two weeks mom said I had to go back to school. I got dressed in my favorite outfit in hopes it’d make me less said. It was a turtleneck and some dark blue jeans. To finish off the outfit I put on the heart shaped locket. 


“Hey where’d you get that from?” Mom asked noticed the shiny thing around my neck. 

“Papa’s house, it’s a picture of him and I thought I could keep it, for memory.” 


Mom smiled. She took her hand and ruffled my hair then took me to school. At school, it seemed like everyone was notified about the death because everyone was really nice to me. They gave their condolences and I thanked them. During lunch my friends tried to make me happy. 


“Uh hey there’s a new guy at school, he’s really cool. Oh there he is now.” My friend points over the left. I looked over but didn’t really get a good look at the guy.


 I just shrugged. The day went on as usual. At the end of the day I waited for my mom to pick me up when I felt a tap on my shoulder. It was the new guy. He asked me if this was the right place for car riders. I nodded. 


“Cool lockit, what’s in it?”

“A picture of my grandpa, he…he died.” 

“Oh my bad, I’m sorry.”

“You’re fine, you didn’t know.”

“So what’s your name?” 

“Jorge, you?” 



I nodded. My name was called from one of the teachers.

“That’s my cue, see ya.” 


Danny waved bye. 


That night I had another dream about my grandpa. Same scenario. 


“Boy, don’t trust him.” 


I woke up. Another day at school and everyone was still kinda nice to me but it felt like the majority was only nice to me so they wouldn’t feel guilty. It didn’t matter. The day went on as usual, and then at lunch Danny  decide to sit with us. No one had any problems with it. A few days later and Danny was part of the group. He made everyone laugh and smile. I kept having those weird dreams of my grandpa but they slowly began to fade away.  Everything seemed to get better. I soon stopped wearing the locket. That’s when the dreams completely stopped. But something else has changed too. Danny began to get mischievous. He tried to rope my friends and I into his activities but we refused. Soon the rest of my friend stopped hanging out with him but I didn’t. I don’t know why but it felt like I needed him, so I stayed. 


But his activities got more and more devious. It was like he was a little devil from the cartoons. The one activity that broke the camel’s back was when we snuck out together. We went to a graveyard. I asked Danny what we were doing here but all he did was show me the bag on his back. When were were in the middle of the graveyard and finally told me what he was going to do. 


“We’re going to give this dark place some color.” He said with a smirk. 

“We can’t do that it’s disrespectful and also against the law.” 

“Don’t be a wimp.” 


He tossed me a spraycan. He began spraying the grave stones, I just stood there and watched. Look at his eyes. There was a gust of wind, it sounded like a voice was in them. Look at his eyes. There it was again. Something was telling me to look at his eyes but why? But I did it and I’m glad I did. I told Danny to stop what he was doing. He didn’t listen. I turned him to face me and when I did, I gasped. His eyes were bright red. 

The one thing I left out of the description of the Devil in Disguise was that once they’ve dropped you in their bad behavior they can make you do their bidding and send you down the wrong path. I didn’t hang out with Danny anymore, mostly because he never showed up at school anymore. I began wearing my papa’s locket again. I had one last dream of him. It was the last story he told me.