New Faces Meet New Leadership: East Hall’s NHS Unveils New Members with a Ceremony

The evening of Monday, November 4 marked the induction ceremony for East Hall’s National Honor Society, where new members were inducted into the program in East Hall’s auditorium. This ceremony was made possible by the hard work of the officers, faculty, and returning members that helped and did this in order to continue the service that this club provides. 


This year, the club is led by seven officers including Cindy Argueta as President, Janet Mendoza as Vice President, Rashel Rodriguez as Secretary, Helen Ulloa as Parliamentarian, Destiny Brooks as Treasurer, Daniela Carrasco as Publicity Coordinator, and Ansleigh Campbell as Community Service Director and Tammy Lundy as the club’s advisor. The club introduced 44 new members consisting of sophomores, juniors, and several seniors Monday evening. 

National Honor Society‘s several officers worked hard to be able to make this ceremony as special as possible for the new members. The officers began the preparations several weeks beforehand by looking for a special guest speaker, buying food and refreshments, and planning out the ceremony’s itinerary. Janet Mendoza, a senior and NHS’s Vice President, spoke about how her and the fellow officers planned out the night by saying,


“I’ve met with the other officers and have shared ideas on how we can make our induction more appealing and organized. We hope to give a warm welcome to all of our new members and future leaders of our school.”


The night began with President, Cindy Argueta, introducing the four cornerstones that the club bases itself on. The four were Character, Leadership, Service, and Scholarship which were each read off by either the Vice President, Secretary, Parliamentarian, and Treasurer of the club. Then the inductees were brought onto the stage where they ceremoniously lit their candles, signed their name into the club’s member book, and repeated NHS’s pledge and blew out their candles; marking their induction. This was followed by the guest speaker, Heidi Rider, gave a speech to the rising members over the cornerstones of NHS and how they connect to future situations they might face and the leadership roles they are yet to fall into. She finished off her speech with these words for the new members,


“I believe in each and every one of you, and I am thrilled that you have been selected to join the East Hall High School National Honor Society. Congratulations.”


With the introduction of these new members, the National Honor Society is hoping to do many more projects and community service events to outline their cornerstones and work towards creating a better community and school. These students are seen as the leaders of our school and have worked hard to be able to participate in this club and do well for others around them. Janet Mendoza added, 


“This hopefully means more students that are ready to help and serve the community with our organization.” 


The National Honor Society’s first meeting will be during Club Day, November 7th, where they hope to have all members together to mark the start of the year with NHS and begin their community service events.