McDonald’s Gets into the Season


McDonalds has a  new seasonal drink, the Cinnamon Cookie Latte. Loyal customers might remember that the last seasonal drink at McDonalds was back in 2013 with the White Chocolate Mocha. Now with 2019 coming to an end, why not finish it off with a nice cold or hot Cinnamon Cookie Latte.


Mcdonald’s McCafe offers a lot of options to choose from like the Caramel or Mocha frappe, Caramel Mocha or Mocha ice or hot, then there is the Caramel Macchiato that comes with the option ice or hot as while.  Of course last but not least the relauge hot coffee or iced coffee of your choice. With all the drinks coming from a price range to a small hot coffee at one dollar to a large Mocha frappe at $4.23. The famous McCafe drinks just added a limited time latte with soon to come donut sticks that come with its own chocolate dipping sauce on November 6. 


The Cinnamon Cookie latte is a two minute drink that starts off with the question, ‘Would you like that hot or cold?’ With answering that question they would fill up the cup of the preferred size with Ice if answered cold. With that step they would go on to ask with whole milk or nonfat milk. The next  step would be the espresso and mix the drink. To finish it off its added with cinnamon sugar, to add more flavors it’s common known to add whipped cream with a 50 cents of extra charge. The same exact way the hot latte with no ice needed. 


Speaking with Selmi Gonzalez a former student at East Hall High School currently a student at the University of Georgia as while as a swing manager at Mcdonlds. She was asked on why they decide to bring out the new drink?  “It was a corporation decision but our team is excited to promote this drink and I really think it’s going to be a great item added to our menu.”


Selena Arellano,  a senior this year, has had her fair share of McCafe to say that she found a new favorite is understandable. 12th  “My go to would have to be the Mocha Frappe but giving the Latte a try just this weekend. I’ll have to say that it’s my new favorite.” . 


The Cinnamon Cookie latte is starting at two dollars. Which to say it’s worth your 2 dollars. With sweet and bitter mixture to really wake you up in the morning or keep you going in the afternoon.