Performing for the Pirates and Panthers

Performing for the Pirates and Panthers


On Friday, November 1st, the East Hall High School Viking Marching band visited White Sulphur Elementary as well as Tadmore Elementary. The band had the opportunity to play for Preschool through 5th grade, and show what the program does. The children got to see the Viking Marching Band’s 2019 show entitled “Shattered,” along with songs the band plays at football games.


The band suited up at 8 A.M., and began the morning at White Sulphur Elementary School. The children were excited to see what the band program was about and cheered on the band as they performed different tunes such as the classic “Victory March” performed when the football team scores touchdowns, and music from “The Avengers.” After the band performed stand tunes, it was time for them to perform their show. The children enjoyed the music, and was blown away by the Color Guard’s tosses and dances. The band then played Victory March before packing up and heading to Tadmore Elementary. 


After White Sulphur, all instruments and equipment was loaded into trailers and buses and the band then went to Tadmore. Again, band performed stand tunes for the kids and performed their show. Band members were especially excited this year about the trip since last years elementary school trip was cancelled due to the rain. Coordinator, Adam Youngman, says that he hopes going to elementary schools will encourage students to get involved in band or chorus when they get to middle school.  This trip was the first event that new members attended and have gotten to participate in. I spoke with a new member, Litzy Martinez(11), on her thoughts about getting to perform for the Elementary schools. 


“I had a lot of fun, especially seeing the kids excitement when we started to do the show. It was cool to hear them cheer when we did that first toss.”


Overall, the trip was successful and the band hopes that children are excited about joining band and being apart of such a prestigious program. On Friday, November 8th, the band will perform their 2019 show for the last time.