Student Spotlight: Rashel Rodriguez


Rashel Rodriguez with UGA mascot.

With East Hall High School has over 500 students, it’s hard to put a spotlight on just one. Over the crowd of our amazing student, the spotlight this week is on our very own Student Body President Rashel Rodriguez. 


Rashel Rodriguez has participated in student council since freshman year, and has been a  class representative every year. Being such a committed student to East Hall High School, Rashel says what motivates her as a student: 

“My motivation to be a better student comes from my ambition to succeed. I do what I do to better myself and my future.””

— Rashel Rodriguez


With also being woodwind captain in the East Hall Marching Band, Rashel is well known with her band students. Rashel has participated in the marching band throughout her high school career.  Rashel speaks on why band has been one of her favorite memories of high school. 


“The number one thing that I enjoy about band is how a group of students can come together to create something so beautiful.” 


With Senior year, plans after high school is a fair popular question, but with Rashel it comes like second nature to answer as she has always been set on to what she wants to study. 


“My plans after East Hall High School is to finish college with a degree in biology, and then transfer to medical school to pursue a career in pediatrics.”

As of now, with the great program of ‘Move On When Ready’, Rashel has gotten college credit from the University of North Georgia and Lanier Technical College from the past two years. Hoping to be able to get into the University of Georgia in the upcoming fall semester.


Taking leadership in band, student council, and National Honor Society over the years, Rashel has improved as a leader and learned a lot on the way to becoming a great leader. 

“As a leader I would describe myself as rational, compassionate, but most of all grateful for the position and grateful for the people who look at me as a leader.” 


Being a leader isn’t always easy, especially with being a high school student, college student and, on top of that, after school activities. It’s hard to make time but what makes Rashel Rodriguez our student spotlight,  is  she is a perfect example of S.H.I.E.L.D. 

As a proud East Hall student Rashel learned so much with being a Viking, 

“East Hall High school has given me a perspective of life that no other experience could compare to. It’s taught me how to be kind to those who don’t deserve it,to be thoughtful to those who don’t have a voice and to be willing to see beyond the stereotypical idea of high school”