UNG Business and Technology Trip



On Tuesday, November 5th, Coach Turner’s Business and Technology classes and select students from Coach Boone’s class were chosen to visit the University of North Georgia in Dahlonega. They participated in the Building Ethical Employability Seminar presented by BB&T and the UNG of Business about different aspects of the business world.  


“I felt this field trip was very beneficial for my students because they got to learn more about employability skills, work readiness traits, communication, and personality characteristics, says Business and Technology teacher, Coach Turner.


The classes departed at 8:30am for the all day event on the campus with the Work-Based Learning Coordinator, Mrs. Crain, along with Mrs. Wyse, Coach Rider, and Mr. Turner. They were required to wear business attire on the trip which meant no jeans, sneakers, or casual attire was allowed. This was a requirement to show students how you dress everyday when you work for a professional company.  The purpose of the trip was to learn more about business ethics, the sessions were titled Self-Branding, Decision Making, Defining Your Personal Values, and Are Your Ethics for Sale? 


During the first session, it included information about what it means to have employability skills and a variety of business ethics. The session was about creativity and including being creative into your employability skills. They did an activity where they got a letter of the alphabet and pick different words that start with that letter and the most creative word won. The activity was to show the students how to express creativity. The people who attended the 1st session did different brain teasers, riddles, and discussed how students can incorporate business skills into their lives in high school.


The third session talked about personalities and how those can affect what careers you could potentially go into. People who attended the session took different personality quizzes that told them what categories they fit into. Each category corresponded to careers they’d be strong at, how they can use their personality traits to contribute to the community. The last session geared more towards colleges and high schoolers plans after they graduate. The insightful session discussed costs of colleges and the prices of day to day things such as how much it costs to live on campus. 


The sessions were very beneficial and the students learned a lot of new things about the business world and how students can get involved in their community through business. Sophomore, Mauriana Gilbert, says,


“I thought the session about colleges was very helpful. It opened my eyes to how scholarships can help and how much it costs for anyone wanting to attend college.”


Overall, the trip to UNG was beneficial for anyone interested in the business world and wants to know how they can contribute to their community. Many volunteers and staff members worked hard to put the entire seminar together and create a good time for students and future leaders.