A Man of Many Talents: William Merck


For many students, it is difficult to deal with school, clubs, and social life all at once but one East Hall student makes it look easy as he does this and much more. William Merck is featured as our student spotlight for all that he does in our community for in his high school career. 


“Will was actually discovered by accident for the department right before Hairspray auditions and he has probably been one of the biggest male attributes to the program.”


That is what Mrs. Jordan, East Hall’s theater director, had to say when asked about the contributions that William has made for the theater program. Will participates in many activities throughout the school and contributes much to our community. He is a part of the Viking marching band, the theater program, and JROTC. He has participated in the marching band for five years, JROTC for his entire high school career, and in the theater program for three years. William has received many awards and leadership positions in each activity that he has been in; including being Drum Captain in the band, President of the theater troupe, and First in Command in JROTC. He has devoted much time and effort to each activity that he has devoted himself to since the very beginning and his teachers have seen this as well. Mrs. Jordan says,


Will in his performance as the role of Pippin in Valhalla’s theater production

“He’s kinda become like a son to me. He works; he helps build. He is not only a performer but also helps build. He does anything I ask him to do. He’s just an all-around great kid and very good motivator for the other students. He has an amazing talent. His talent has grown since he’s been in the program and the possibilities for him are limitless.”


Apart from that, William also focuses on his academic studies and his future plans for college. He has Dual Enrolled in Lanier Technical College since his junior year and is focusing on getting a head start in his college career. Will plans on continuing his studies in theater for college and hopes to receive a degree in theater education. He explains his future plans by saying,


“I’m planning on trying to get into Greensboro College which is in North Carolina. They have a good [theater] program there. That’s my first choice.”

My favorite part of East Hall is the opportunities because you can do a lot here because I clearly do a lot here.”

— William Merck

Though he has given much to East Hall and our community, he is so thankful for all the opportunities that have arisen through East Hall and his time spent here. He appreciates the teachers who support him and show him new opportunities in which he could grow and how his teachers have allowed him the time to participate in all the activities that he does in order to succeed in them all. Through careful thought, he explains,


“My favorite part of East Hall is the opportunities because you can do a lot here because I clearly do a lot here. The teachers here are very good about accommodating your scheduling and helping you work around that and I appreciate that because I wouldn’t be able to do what I do without the staff.”


The fine arts are a very important part of Will’s life as he has become so involved with them throughout his high school career. He is very glad to have been recognized for his achievements, especially in the fine arts department. He concluded his statements by showing his gratitude for how East Hall’s fine arts are being spotlighted and appreciated more than they have been in past years.