College and Career Fair at East Hall


The East Hall Community Center hosted the College and Career Fair, that allows students to encounter colleges and future career possibilities. There are also many colleges and careers to encounter their future employees.


“I liked that we had an even amount of schools and career to look around,” stated Maritza Hernandez a senior this year that paid a visit to the NAVY booth. 


The universities and colleges that attended ranged from two to  four-year universities. Many great companies attended, giving career options to students to help  with jobs that can balance their work and school life. Schools that have been part of this event were the University of North Georgia, Georgia State University, Piedmont College and many more. Companies that participated were Goodwill, Wells Fargo, Gap, Old Navy, Lake Lanier Island, and many others. 


As some seniors surround the Old Navy booth some have already applied for a summer job. 

“I didn’t think today was going to be like this, or thought that I would even find a job that might be interesting,” Lesli Cortez spoke out just as she finished up giving her application to Old Navy. 


Arely Adame, a senior this year, enjoyed getting insight  on Georgia State University, “I always wanted to go to Georgia State and with the great information that I have gotten today. I feel ready to apply.” 


Jennifer Zuniga is a Georgia State University Admissions Counselor, working with Georgia State and going to college fairs to inform students of the opportunity that they can reach with Georgia State. 


“What I love about my job is getting to see many young faces and getting to know futures Panthers. College Fairs are a great way to reach out to students and find a school that fits for them.” 


  With the set up the event, it was based on grade levels. Underclassmen went at 9:25 am for 30 minutes as for seniors they went at 10:15 am to have more extra time than the other group. Students had the option to drive to the community center or go with the transportation that the high school offered. This operation was mostly run by Heidi Rider, East Hall’s counselor, and Joey Rider, East Hall’s graduation coach. 


That’s a wrap for our College and Career Fair for 2019 as the year comes to an end and fall semesters are just almost over. With our seniors figuring what is in store for them next, college and career fairs are a great way to figure that out.