Competitive Cheer Competes in Columbus


Our competitive cheer team will be heading to Columbus on  Thursday November 14th and will be competing in the semi- finals Friday morning. The competitive cheer team will have to be at Columbus Civic Center arena at eight in the morning. They will compete at around 10:30am. If the team makes it to the top eight , they will move into the championship on Saturday. The schools that the cheer team will be competing against will be 3 AAA teams across the state. The total number of teams they will compete is twenty-one. Competition cheerleading has not gone this far in competing , so this is a huge milestone for the team as well as for the school.


Marsha Holtzclaw a Lula Elementary school teacher for fifth grade is the head coach of our East Hall competition cheer team.  This is the fifth year having a competition program at the school and as well as her fifth year being with the program. 


“I am most excited about the improvement the team has made over the last two weeks and our scores from region. It puts us in a really good position going into state.” Marsha Holtzclaw  coach of the cheer team.


   This is their very first time they have ever finished this well at the region. They finished runner- up in the region to Dawson County that is something they have never done before but they made it possible. The team also beat Lumpkin County, Cherokee Bluff, North Hall, and Greater Atlanta Christian (GAC). 


 “As a team we are mostly nervous for the fact that we have to finish in the top eight out of twenty-one teams on Friday to advance to Saturday. That is a very hard task but I am confident that if we execute and hit out routine we will be in the top eight.” says Holtzclaw.


As for going to Columbus the team is nervous yet very excited and also very thankful for this opportunity. That they have been given for their hard work and this sport is very important deal for the cheer team going into state. Since cheerleading is a very competitive sport they have practice three days a week, but recently they added a fourth day in because of the region and state. Days are Monday, Tuesday,Wednesday,and Thursday which is the brand new day that they added. 


To send support as our East Hall Vikings go to Columbus we will send them off with a farewell like we did for our Softball team.