A Bag of Kindness


In Gainesville Georgia alone, 27% of the people here live in poverty. Everyday, we see people on the street, and with the cold months ahead, living on the streets will get colder for these people.


 Here at East Hall, a student by the name of Helen Ulloa noticed this problem and wants to do everything she can to help these people. The project is called “A Bag of Kindness,” or “The Kindness Project.” The project makes bags of basic life essentials and giving the bags to the homeless. 


“I got the idea for the project from Instagram, and it inspired me to start a similar club here at East Hall,” says President and Founder, Helen Ulloa. 


A Bag of Kindness started when Helen was scrolling through Instagram and saw that another school had started a similar club where they focused on giving back to the homeless. She thought that we should have a club similar here at East Hall. It took 2 months for A Bag of Kindness to become official. Their first meeting took place on November 12th where they discussed what their plans were for the year. They discussed funding, meeting dates, and ideas for future clothing drives. 


With delivering the bags, it can also be dangerous going on the streets and distributing the products. Helen’s idea was to only have representatives to go and give out the bags. The overall goal is by the end of the year have 50 or more bags given out to the homeless. Representatives are also in charge of contacting different stores are distributors and asking if they’d like to donate any hygiene products to the “Bag of Kindness” Project. All of the people representing the club for each grade is still undetermined, but the Vice President assisting Helen is Nancy Mendez. Nancy will also be taking over the club when Helen graduates. 


Overall, this new club is sure to impact the lives of many and hopefully shine a light on these people’s lives. The next meeting is scheduled for December 5th afterschool. If you are interested in making a difference, it’s not too late to join.