An Inside Look on Elf: The Musical


To start the Christmas season early, the East Hall Viking Vision Theater Group is performing their theater production of Elf: The Musical on December 12th through the 15th at our very own East Hall Performing Arts Center for their winter show. The making of this show is all through the cast and production crew of students and the hard work of Mrs. Jordan and her staff making it all possible.


“These kids impress me every day because they just work hard and you can’t give them enough; they just soak it up.”


That is a quote from Mrs. Jordan explaining how much the cast and crew of East Hall’s theater program does and the hard work they are putting into the making of this show. Elf: The Musical is based on the Christmas movie Elf, starring Will Ferrell, which follows the adventure of Buddy the Elf as he travels to New York to find his real father after being raised in the North Pole his whole life. To make the show a success, a lot of practice and rehearsal was put in by the cast members and production crew. During class and outside of school, hours were put into making sets, costumes, and making the scenery look as realistic as possible. The theater group has been practicing for Elf ever since November and has practiced every day after school for two to six hours. All that remains left for the finishing touches of the show are last-minute details on all of the set and props and a 12-hour long practice the Saturday before the show. As they have gone through the process of auditioning and rehearsing the show, Mrs. Jordan has been very proud of her students and what they have been able to accomplish and says that they exceeded her expectations and give it their all.


Not only has the theater program been preparing for their shows next week, but they have also been preparing for their short performance of the play for 1500 elementary schoolers who will come out to East Hall’s Performing Arts Center Tuesday and Wednesday to get a taste of our amazing theater program and a great Christmas show. 


Mrs. Jordan says that they always take into account the student that they have in the program and the talents they have when choosing their shows. She explains, 


“You always gotta think about your strong suits. Thinking of Elf, I’ve always thought of Miguel [Mondragon] as a possible Buddy. I thought all along that he would be a perfect Buddy because he has that quirky personality, always happy, and always just easy-going. I think everybody’s gonna be so impressed in him”


Mrs. Jordan thought of the community and students when choosing the show to give them a Christmas special that they could enjoy. However, the most convincing aspect of choosing the show was when she pitched the idea to our principles, Mr. Cooper and Mr. Rich, and their faces lit up with joy at the sound of having our very own theater program do this show. 


Make sure to come out and support East Hall’s theater group with their performance of Elf: The Musical on Thursday, December 12th to Sunday, December 15th. This will be an amazing show and a great time to spend with family and friends and get into the Christmas spirit.