Be Good for Goodness Sake

It was tradidton that a week before christmas my family would but up the tree but not decortie until christmas eve. Only then would it be the tree be dressed. We’d wear ugky Christmas sweaters, drink hot chocolate, listen to christmas music or watch christmas movies. We’d decorate the tree and have fun it was also a tradition that the youngest would put the star on the tree and we’d cheer for them. But one tradition I didn’t care for was elf on the shelf. It started when my older brothers were younger and began to act unruy during this time of year. Our mom bought it and placed it above the fireplace. She told them that they wouldn’t get any presents if they kept acting up because this elf would snitch on them to santa. 


We still believed in the jolly fat man so they acted their best when that thing was in the room. Even though it wasn’t aimed at me it still creeped me out. It’s a big smile, rosey cheeks and glass eyes unsettled me. I felt like it was watching me which was its job but watching me in sense of it actually seeing me. Soon my brothers grew out of the whole believing in santa thing and no longer was threatened by the doll. But they found out that I was scared of it and began moving it across the house to scare me. It worked but I was annoyed by them cause I soon realized it was them doing it. 


Mom told them to stop and if they didn’t she’ll sell their christmas gifts. They stopped right away. I’m much older now, thirteen. The doll still creeped me out but not as much as it did when I was younger. Mom hadn’t put the doll out in two years but decided this year to bring it out for old memories. Looking at the elf made me uneasy but kept my cool. My brother nudged me and said, “Remember being scared of that thing?” 


I told him to shut up. He laughed and walked away. Mom placed him on his throne, the fireplace. We began cleaning and I asked mom if she was going to put the elf away now since everyone was gone. She thanked me for reminding her and put it into the hall closet. That night we went to sleep. I awoke before everyone else and decided to make myself a bowl of cereal. While getting my cereal I felt eyes on me. Kind of scared I looked over to the fireplace hopping the doll wasn’t there. It was and I assumed my brothers had put it there to try and scare me. They probably over heard me asking mom to put it away and brought it back out while we went in our rooms as a joke. 


I rolled my eyes at their lame attempt to scare me. Later in the day I made a comment on their little prank but they gave me confused looks. 


“We never touched that thing.” Reese said. 

“Haha yeah very funny. I know you two are up to this. Just put that thing back before I tell mom you’re trying to scare me again.”

“I swear we forgot about that thing when we went to bed.” My other brother, Moreese, said. 


I didn’t believe them. Mom made them put it away and told them to not touch it and if they did they wouldn’t get anything for christmas. They obeyed. They spent the entire day in the house while I went Christmas shopping with my mom. We picked out some things that my brothers would like and some things I hinted to mom that I would like knowing she’d come back and get them without me. 


Even though I was thirteen I still made a wish list. I would take pictures of what I wanted and whenever mom and I were alone I’d show them to her as something cool I found. My plan wasn’t quit discreet but it wasn’t supposed to me and I’m pretty sure mom knew what I was doing. Either way she’d still get me some of the things on my list that were in her price range. I was grateful for the things she could afford. 


This year I had saved a bit of money and was going to buy my mom something. I had saved up three hundred dollars from birthday money and the random times my grandparents had pulled me aside to give me money. I told mom that I was going to check something out then left. I walked passed a toy store and got distracted. I walked in browsing the isles. These toys were clearly for kids in elementary school but it never hurt to look. Just then I looked over to a pyramid of Elf on the shelf dolls. 


I decided to leave. Mom and I meet up at the food court. She noticed the medium sized bag I had and asked what was in it. I told her a surprise. After eating we went home. She went to her room to wrap the gifts and so did I. For the next few days mom had to work late to get enough money for more gifts so my brothers would have to watch over me which they didn’t like very much. They wanted to go hangout with their friends. I was old enough to watch myself but mom insisted on them babysitting me. 


An hour after she left they decide to get dressed and head out. They told me that they would be here an hour before mom got back and I was supposed to say nothing about them leaving me alone. They didn’t give me a chance to say anything before they left. I locked the front door and headed to my room. I put on the tv to the christmas specials on tv and played games on my laptop. About thirty minutes later there was a loud knocking sound on the door. Thinking it was my brothers I walked to the door and looked through the peephole to be sure it was them. There was no one there so I thought it was some pranksters throwing snow at the door and running off thinking it was funny. Sighing I went back to my room. Another ten minutes later the knocking continued but louder this time. Not having the energy to go back to the door to only find one I looked out my window. I couldn’t see the door from my window but I could see part of the driveway and the entrance to the front door. I didn’t see anything, not even a figure of a person. The knocking kept going though so I went to the front door. I looked through the peephole. Yep, you guessed it, no one was there. 


I was getting a little creeped out and decided to play it off as if no one was home. But that was hard since the lights were on in the house. Not wanting to get my borthers in trouble I didn’t call my mom, I called them instead. It took about three tries for them to pick up. 


“What do you want?” Moreese asked a bit annoyed. Ignoring his rudeness I told him what was going on. 

“It’s probably someone playing games. Just ignore it.” Then he hung up. I called Reese and he picked up. 

“What’s up?” He asked, sounding a bit more happy than Moreese. 

“There’s a loud knocking sound but  whenever I come to the door there’s no one there. I don’t know what’s going on or what to do.”


There was silence on the other line for a while before he spoke again. 


“Alright, I’ll be there in thirty minutes. Don’t open the door, don’t even look out the window. Turn off all the lights and wait in your room. I have a key so I won’t knock, I’ll just come in.” 


I said alright then he hung up. I did what he said and turned off all the lights. For extra precaution I grabbed a knife from the kitchen. Before going into my room I heard the knocking again. I realized it wasn’t coming from the front door but rather the hall closet. There was nothing in the closet so what could be making that noise? Then it dawned on me. But the doll was an inanimate object, how could it be knocking? 


My shaking hand began to float to the door knob but I quickly put my arm by my side and ran to my room to hide in the closet. I hid in the fares carnnor that made it hard to see anyone and waited periodically checking my phone for any updates from my brother. He said his friend was driving him home but Moresse wasn’t with them because he didn’t want to, quote, “take care of a crybaby.” That kinda hurt but what was I expecting coming from him? He told me he was on his way and to not leave my closet after I told him where I was. After texting him I turned off my phone so the light wouldn’t give me away if someone was in the house trying to find me. 


After waiting around there was a final loud bang noise followed by a loud crashing noise of wood hitting the floor. It made me jump but I didn’t scream or say anything out of fear. There was a thudding sound so I assumed they were footsteps. I heard them walk around before stopping, then my door knob began to shake vigorously. I held my breath as an attempt to make me invisible. My door creaked open. There was a jingle noise ringing around  my room. It wasn’t the sound of keys so my brother wasn’t home yet. Speaking of him I got a text on my phone. It buzzed in my hand, he was fifteen minutes away and told me to hold on. I texted him back saying that something was in my room. He texted back telling me to be quiet and not to make myself known. I said okay and turned the phone down grabbing the knife I had in front of me. 


“Don’t be scared little girl, I’m here for bad children.” It’s voice sounded cheery but also miniachle at the same time. I closed my eyes trying my best not to cry out loud. 


“I know where you’re hiding. You’re in your closet. Just come out, I don’t bite.” 


How did it know where I was? I didn’t move. My closet door opened. I opened my eyes to see bright green eyes scanning the closet. There was light from the window showing off the shape of the figure. It was long and slender, no body fat at all. It’s ears were pointed sharp and wore and christmas hat. It’s low growl made me uncomfortable. It left but left my door open. Soon after my brother arrived telling me to hurry out. I did so but when I got out there was no one there. The room was empty. There was a jingle noise coming from the front door. Against my gut feeling I followed it. My shaky hand touched the door knob and opened. Reese was there about to put his key in the door. 


He asked me what I was doing. 


“You told me to get out of the closet.” I said but clearly that wasn’t the case because he never came in. the jingle noise then came from my room. Reese told me to stay there while he went to go look. I didn’t listen and followed behind. The noise got louder as we got closer. It stopped when we both walked into the room. There was the elf on the shelf in the middle of my bed looking at us. Now I do believe my brothers when they said they didn’t move the doll.