Juice Wrld’s Mysterious Death


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On December 8th 2019 one of the biggest influencers in the rap industry past away. Jarad Higgings better known as “Juice Wrld” past away in Chicago at 21 years old as of December 2nd. He reportedly died of a seizure, but tests are being done to further determine his cause of death. The young rapper started his career 2015 and gained his popularity from his hits such as “Lucid Dreams,” and “Ransom.” Since his death rumors and conspiracy theories are hitting the internet revolving his death. 


“It’s really disappointing to me that another famed artist that I listen to passed away, but I don’t believe any of the theories are true,” says Sophomore Brayden Guill. 


Higgins reportedly was overdosing on opioids, a drug to relieve pain similar to morphine. When he began to overdose paramedics arrived and rushed him to Advocate Christ Medical Center where he was later pronounced dead. Information revolving around the cause of Juice’s death was released Tuesday, December 10th. Paramedics spent over 40 minutes attempting to treat Higgings and slow his heart rate. Unfortunately, there was nothing they could do to stabilize him and he was pronounced dead at 3:15 a.m. 


Juice Wrld’s death spiked controversy and conspiracy among fans of his. The app called “Tik Tok” is where the questions began. Tik Tok, before known as Music.ly, is a trending app where kids and teens can post short videos and share content with followers. Juice’s song titled “Lucid Dreams” was a popular sound on Tik Tok, and a trend emerged where people would pretend to have a seizure half way through the song, eerily similar considering his cause of death. 


Other conspiracies talk about the correlation between his death and lyrics in his songs. In Juice Wrld’s song titled “legends” lyrics read “we ain’t making it past 21,” which alludes to his death. These lyrics may be the most unsettling seeming as Higgings had turned 21 just 6 days previous. Lyrics also read “really feel like John Lennon.” John Lennon was a guitarist for one of the most successful bands of all time, The Beatles. John was also a successful vocalist and songwriter. Lennon was assassinated on December 8th 1980, coincidentally the same date Juice Wrld died on.