The Naughty List

Just like many parents, my parents told me that monsters would get the bad kids if they didn’t behave. I, of course, fell for their lies and believed them. There was always one monster that scared the crap out of me as a child. It was called the Qubolo. Not a very scary name but at the time it terrified me. My parents told me it had a dark red complexion, black horns, dirty yellow sharp teeth and small glowing eyes. It also had long fingers and long black fingernails that would grab kids that tried to run away from it. This monster was a like like Krampus is a way. It only came around once a year near Christmas and only targeted bad children. 


I think my mom told me that story me this just so I would behave. She backed up the story by saying on of her friends went missing but a note was left behind that read, Camile had been very very naughty. That was enough to make me believe more in the monster. That scared six year old me into being a saint. Soon my parents stopped pushing the idea of the monster and I soon forgot about it myself and didn’t fear it anymore. That was until one year. 


I was thirteen and babysitting my little cousins. They wouldn’t listen and was being unruly. I tried my best to make them listen to me but they wouldn’t. I yelled at them to sit down. They all looked at me, that was the first time I ever yelled at them. 


“If you don’t behave then, then…” I thought for a while then a smile crept onto my lips. “The Qubolo will get you.”

“What’s that?” They asked. 


I sat them down and told them the same story my parents told me. 


“He also uses his sharp, jagged, dirty yellow teeth to gnaw on the rotten children and if you tried to run away, he’ll use his long fingers and black nails to snatch you up.” 


They all hugged each other in fear but agreed to be good for the rest of the night until the adults came back from black Friday shopping. When they came back told their parents about the monster I told them. They recognized the story from when my mom told me when I was little and knew what was up. They told them the monster was real and that they need to be good or he’ll come for real and eat them. They promised to be good before they left to go home. An hour later my dad come back home drunk and in a rage. He cussed at my mom before passing out on the bed. I asked if everything was okay, mom said yes. I knew it wasn’t but I let it be. Another hour later  I decided to go to bed. I grabbed my cat and placed him next to me in the bed so he could sleep next to me. About three hours later I heard a low growling and hissing. I was confused and a little scared because I never heard him to that before. 


I tried to get him to go back to sleep but he wouldn’t. I held him in my arms as he hissed and growled while looking at my room door. Scared I walked to my door and opened it. My cat jumped from my arms and ran to my parents room. Slowly I followed behind my cat. He was on the bed sweating in the air while looking at the ceiling. I followed his gaze and looked up. What I saw next terrified me. On the ceiling was a dark figure looking back at me. It already narrow eyes narrowed at me as he smiled showing off his nasty looking teeth. He had a bag on his back that was moving. I didn’t want to know what was in their. 


He placed a finger to his lips and shushed me before he left. I didn’t realize I was holding my breath until it left and air came rushing to my lungs. The next morning I didn’t tell my mom what I saw. I was shaken and my mom asked what was wrong? I told her it was nothing, that I just had a bad dream. She believed me and left me alone. That night my cat was doing the same thing. I know what was going on and again we went to my parents room. 


It was there again looking at my parents while they slept. It noticed me again and looked at me. 


“What are you doing?” I found myself whispering. 

“Collecting the rotten.” He said. The bag on his back was moving again. This time more fractally. He notices me looking at his bag. 


“Don’t worry your pretty little head. Only the rotten are in here. Run along, go back to bed. Be a good girl.”


My feet began to involuntarily move. I grabbed my cat and walked back to bed. The next morning I knew I had to tell my mom what had happened last night. I woke up before my parents and ran straight to their room. I went to shake them awake but something felt off. Their bodies felt soft and squishy. I uncovered them to find pillows to be shaped like bodies with two notes taking their places. I screamed out of shock, there was nothing else I could do. Then I cried. 


It’s been years since I’ve seen my parents.