Winter Break more like Winter School

With the semester coming to in the end, teachers at East Hall High School are doing everything they can for their students to pass this semester. Even if it means that spending winter break getting a passing grade for the semester. For the first time, East Hall will be offering winter grade redemption over the break. 

Only academic classes are offering this opportunity where you can spend four hours making up a unit to get back on track and pass the semester. Now teachers would not be reviewing with the students. This is all an online course so everything would be done online. The longest it would take to complete in a unit would be a week. 


Now the big question is why do winter school? students having passing grades is always a school’s main goal and East Hall High school is no different. They want all their students to have a passing grade. With winter school that is possible for some students that want to take this chance.


All teachers have been informed about the chance to get a passing grade. 

Molly Perison a teacher at East Hall High says that it’s a great idea to help those students that want the help and to pass this semester. 


“This is a great idea so we can help our students. Like they already went by it once, they can for sure pass the course the second time around.” 


Odaris Ramos says that winter is a great chance for her to better her grade, “I’m doing winter school so I can get a better grade in the class.” 


Many students share their own opinion about winter school with some being positive and some having a negative look at the idea. 


“I think it’s not a bad idea but I can see why some people would not want to spend a week of their break at school,” Selena Arellano a senior speaks out her opinion. 


Winter School an online course that can help East Hall students to finish the semester with a passing grade. It only takes a couple of hours to make it happen.