Remembering Felipe Rosales

For many years the East Hall community has known the company of Felipe Rosales as a substitute teacher, a colleague, and a friend. Mr. Rosales had a presence that was unlike others as a kindhearted and professional man, but it is with great sadness to say that on December 28th, 2019 Felipe passed away at the age of 65.


“I have seen Mr. Rosales many times around East Hall High so I have gotten to know him some. He was always a very upbeat person. He was kind to everyone he talked to and tried to put a smile on everyone’s face. I remember Mr. Rosales subbing for my chorus class on many different occasions; he was always a great sub. He did what he was supposed to do while also chatting with students and creating a good environment. It was very sad hearing of the passing of Mr. Rosales; he was always the sub that other students and myself looked forward to having because of how much of a kind person he was.”                                                                                                   


Those are the words of Destiny Brookes, a junior at East Hall, expressing her sentiments towards Mr. Rosales and her grief on hearing of his passing. Felipe Rosales was born January 25th, 1954 and is son to Francisco and Esperanza Duran Rosales and was born in Cartago, Columbia where he grew up and got his education to become a publicist. He married Marta Rosales and had three children. After he retired, Mr. Rosales became a substitute in Hall County and East Hall where many came to know him. 


With warm smiles and a nice hello, Mr. Rosales greeted everyone he saw around the school. Many students even enjoyed his presence as a substitute and Destiny had said because of his professional and enjoyable attitude. Upon hearing of his death, many students grieved in shock at the tragedy and loss of one of their favorite substitutes. Hannah Anderson wrote condolence to the Rosales family stating,


“Felipe was the best substitute teacher ever. He was so sweet and was always grooving. In loving memory of Felipe and my condolences to his family.”


Not only do the students have great memories of Mr. Rosales, but East Hall’s staff also remembers and mourns the loss of an amazing colleague and friend. Ryan Burle, a literature teacher at East Hall, has known Mr. Rosales during his time teaching and has chosen him to substitute for his class many times. Mr. Burle describes him as friendly, professional, and eager to help all with a smile on his face. He says,


“He was always very friendly; the students seemed to like him. Typically things got done when he was there and he gave instructions well. It’s sad seeing someone that you see a lot, and that was very well-liked and very professional, it’s always sad to see someone go like that.”


We are all extremely saddened to lose Mr. Rosales, who was an important part of East Hall’s staff and the community and will be missed by many. We send condolences to the Rosales family and all of our love, support, and prayers to help them through this difficult time.