Spring Sports on the Rise


With a new semester and new decade all in one, it’s just a great way to start off with spring sports, baseball, tennis, soccer, track, and golf. 


With baseball having conditioning on January 7th and having their first scrimmage game in the upcoming month. Coach Valley is in charge of the baseball team this year with conditions just starting. 

“Our team improved on speed this year compared to last year,” Cooper Willamson(10) speaks out about his team.  


This year for our soccer team, East Hall is welcoming two new coaches for both our girl’s and boy’s team. Coach Wade has come back to his community and is ready to take on the boy’s soccer team. 


Walter Bran, a junior this year, has been part of the soccer team for east hall since middle school. Bran was not able to try out his sophomore year because of injury.


“This year with a new coach, I’m ready to prove my skills after missing out on last season,” Walter Bran says after conditioning.  


Coach Holyfield also being a new teacher and new to the community is excited to be part of East Hall’s soccer program. As of now, the first couple of days are just conditions. In which a bus provides students a ride after school to the East Hall stadium. However, the option of driving there on your own is also acceptable. 


Tennis is just on a rise with Coach Holly as the girl’s coach and Coach Robert as the boy’s coach. Tennis try-outs have been going on for a week now. With so many athletes that have been apart of try-outs, coaches are having a tough time to select their players. 


With our golf team, try-outs are not starting until February.  We have Coach Turner for the girls’ team and Coach Bingham for the boys’ team. 


“Golf is a lot of fun, we welcome anyone that has a love for the game. Even with no experience at all.” -Coach Turner 

This year Coach Boone and Coach Wilson are taking on this track season. With this upcoming Monday, try-outs begin right after school. 


Spring sports are just are coming and to help boost school spirit, make sure to support our teams for this season.