Game, Set, Match! East Hall Tennis Team Prepares as Season Begins


As the Spring semester begins at East Hall, so do many spring sports including tennis. The Varsity and JV tennis teams are beginning their practices this year to prepare for the season as they go against fierce competition and represent East Hall’s athletic program.


“I am excited to see all of the players play this year, but I am looking forward to seeing how the players that started last year have improved. We are also excited to see how the new players will perform in their first matches this season.”


Those are the words of Coach Brittany Holly, the coach of the boy’s and girl’s varsity and JV teams and a 9th-grade math teacher at East Hall. This will be Coach Holley‘s fourth year coaching the tennis team at East Hall and she is more than excited to be able to do so. She began coaching her first year at East Hall when the former tennis coach and ask for her assistance and a year later she became the girl’s coach. She is now the coach of both teams. However, Coach Holley is not completely alone and without help while coaching these teams. She receives help from Coach Roberts, an EMT who enjoys the sport as much as her and is willing to take time to teach and work with both the girl’s and boy’s teams. 

The boy’s team practice one-on-one matches to prepare for their first match.

Coach Holley has been playing tennis since she was in middle school and has greatly enjoyed coaching for East Hall while continuing to play herself in her free time. She says,


“Yes, it has been very fun and rewarding. The biggest aspect I like about coaching is getting to build relationships with students outside of the classroom. It is fun to be able to get to know the students and share a common interest in a hobby of mine.”


Many returning and new members of the team are excited to begin the season and practices, as well as, get ready for their first match. Though the players might join for different reasons, they all share the same commitment and passion for the sport as they work on getting better this year. Lizbeth Garcia, a Junior and returning member of the team, is very excited to be back on the court and to start the season. Lizbeth says,

Lizbeth Garcia watches her opponent as the girl’s team practices their doubles match.


“I joined because I wanted to try out something new and get out of my comfort zone and I am most excited for the games because we have improved a lot since last year and we all feel pretty good about this season.”


When tryouts began, there were many familiar faces but also some new ones. As they continued with intensity, the coaches were able to pick out who would best fit the team. Vanessa Chanon, a Junior and returning member, spoke on how tryouts were tiring but very worth-it. This year, there are nine players of the boy’s team and 12 players on the girl’s team. 


The tennis team’s first match will be February 4th at Riverside Military Academy, and the first home match will be February 11th against White County High School at the East Hall Community Center. Come out and support our Valhalla tennis team!