The Red Writing

Let’s rewind. I was about ten or eleven years old when I had my first encounter with the supernatural. My best friend and I were fans of urban legends and ghost stories. She was from Korea and had many Korean urban legends. Those were my favorite. We would have a sleepover for just the two of us and watch videos of the supernatural. It was a Friday and school was about to let out when our friend group asked to hang out over the weekend. 


“Oh, we have plans.” Khun said. 

“Like what?” Olive asked. 

“Yeah what do you two do every weekend and why aren’t we ever invited?” Lana asked. 


Khun and I looked at each other then back at the other two girls. 


“We just don’t think you guys would like what we’re into.” I say in our defense. 

“Whatever we want to be invited this time. It’s not fair for us to be left out.” Olive said. 


We called Khun’s mom. She agreed it was okay for us to bring two more friends to the weekend sleepover. We waited for Khun’s mom to come pick us up. She greeted the other two girls. Khun sat in the front with her mother and I sat in the back with the two other girls. We stopped at the store like we usually do and stocked up on snacks. We went to the house and went into Khun’s room. 


“Wow Khun, your room is awesome.” Lana said as she gawked at the room. 


Her room was pretty awesome. She had a king sized bed with pastel blue covers and matching pillows, fairy lights, dream catchers, a pastel pink desk for studying and a cute small black loveseat in the corner of the room.


“Alright, rules.” Khun began. “The lights stay off the whole night, we have to make a blanket fort, you have to eat yourself sick, and lastly no scaredy cats.” 


Olive scoffed. “This sounds childish.” 


Lana nudged her and told her to not be rude. “We’re the ones who wanted to be included. Don’t get sassy.” She looked at us. “This sounds fun. What’s first on the list?” 


Olive rolled her eyes. We made the pillow fort which took two hours because Khun and I have a specific way we like to do this. The blankets had to be tall enough for us to stand in and be connected to the door so we won’t destroy it when we needed to go to the bathroom. We leveled everything and connected things so nothing would go wrong. We placed fake light up candles in the small makeshift hallway of our blanket fort again so we wouldn’t ruin everything. By the time we were done the sun was about to set. 


“What’s next?” Lana asked. 

“Snacks.” I answered. 


I told them to follow me. We got four large bowls to mix all the chips in, one to mix all the sweets in, one to mix all the sour candy in, and one for the overflow of snacks that couldn’t fit in the other bowls. 


“Don’t forget the puke bucket.” Khun said. 

“Puke bucket?” Olive asked a little concerned. 

“One of the rules, eat yourself sick.” 


Khun found the puke bucket and we made our way back to Khun’s room. We all sat down. I explained what we do every weekend. We hang out in the blanket fort and watched ghost stories and urban legends. 


“That’s it? Lame.” Olive said. 


Again Lana nugged Olive telling her to stop. 


“But tonight.” I added. “We’ll be trying one of the urban legends.” 

Khun looked at me with a serious face. She always told me to never play with the things I don’t understand but I was tired of Olive criticizing us. She took me aside so the other two wouldn’t hear. 


“What are you talking about?” Khun asked. 

“She won’t think this will be lame if we tried one. We’ll just scare her a little. She’ll leave us alone then we won’t have to deal with her ever again.”


Khun gave me a worried look. I reassured her that I had everything under control. She gave me one last look but said nothing as we re-joined the girls. We watched some videos until I found one I wanted to do. I picked the Red Pen. it’s used to write the name of the dead only but if you use it to write the name of someone who still alive they die. 


“Whoa, sooo scary.” Olive said sarcastically as she waved her hands in the air. Having enough of her rudeness I grabbed a piece of paper and a red pen from Khun’s night stand. I handed them to her and said, “If you don’t believe then write your own name.” 


She scoffed and took the paper and pen and wrote her name in big bright red letters. Nothing happened. 


“See your little thing didn’t even work. This was so stupd. Can’t believe I wasted my time.” 


That night Olive called her parents to come and get her but Lana stayed the night. On the following Monday I was eating breakfast while watching the news with my parents. There was a crash story. A mother and father and their daughter was on a late night drive but got hit by a drunk driver. The drunk driver was taken to jail and the parents survived but sadly their daughter didn’t. They showed a picture of the daughter and my jaw dropped. It was Olive. Red blood stained her hand just like the red ink stained the paper.