East Hall Students Helping The East Hall Community


Many organizations at East Hall go beyond our school’s grounds to serve our community. One of those is East Hall’s Student Council who went to volunteer at Morningside of Gainesville Assisted Living Facility on Wednesday, February 12th to visit the residents and hand out Valentine’s Day cards for the upcoming holiday.


“The staff of the home have expressed to us in the past that they’re extremely grateful that we take the time as a club to do something nice for their seniors. And although some residents may not express how they feel in words, we know they feel joy because of the smile on their faces at the end of the day.”


This is what Rashel Rodriguez, a Senior and President of Student Council, said about the impact that their service is doing for the residents at Morningside. The Student Council has gone to this living facility for the past four years to be with the residents for Valentine’s Day and have gotten to know the activity directors there, and many of the residents very well. During the community service, members of the Student Council handed our Valentine’s cards, specially made by them, and went around and had conversations with the residents. The residents enjoy the company and the time spent with the East Hall students. Resident Betty Joe says she appreciates what they do and whenever they come out to visit them. 


Members get to see the benefit that their service does as well. Seeing any visitors puts a smile on the residents’ faces and brightens their day with the new company. The members whos visited also gain from the experience with a sense of honor being able to help out in their community. Senior Melissa Galvez says,


“I really did enjoy volunteering at the retirement home. This shows the seniors that students actually take time to show them love and compassion by making Valentine’s cards and wanting to go interact with them.”


They also got to learn something from the visit as well. Senior Cindy Argueta says,

“I enjoyed going to the retirement home. It was a pleasure to speak with so many different experienced personalities. They were so nice and seemed genuinely thankful for our visit. I think visiting them added a sense of excitement to their day. Being in one place for a long time can get boring so seeing and getting to know new faces is a pleasure to them.”


The Student Council hopes to be able to visit the home again and do more community service events like this. East Hall students love making an impact in their community and doing good for those around them. Rashel says,


“We hope to! Student Council is always looking for ways to expand as a club and help our community around us. We will definitely be keeping in touch with MorningSide nursing home for further events in the future.”


The Student Council is a great example of what East Hall stands for and our place in the community. We appreciate all that they do for the school and the community.