East Hall Hits It Out of the Park


East Hall's batter goes to the plate. Courtesy of East Hall Athletics

The East Hall Baseball team has hit it out of the park by starting off with a winning streak at its first three games this season. The team has won at home and away with the work of this year’s coaches and players.


“My job is to find the team’s strengths, coach to those strengths, and put them in the best position possible to be successful.”

Eric Fowler (middle) with his players Courtesy of Gainesville Times

Those are the words of Eric Fowler, head coach of East Hall’s baseball team, on what he does for the team and how it pays off. Currently, the East Hall Baseball team is second in the region with a 3-0 non-conference winning streak. The team is made of all grade levels with 20 on the varsity team and ten on the JV team. Those on the team have been having official practices since mid-January, but have been working out and training since early August. These boys have prepared, practiced, and played hard in order to represent our school’s athletic program and to hopefully move forward and far into the season. 


All this hard work has paid off. The winning streak comes after winning against Johnson High School twice, at home and away, and Riverside Military Academy once at home. The team first played Riverside Military Academy and won with a score of 11-0. They then beat Johnson with a score of 18-8 and finally with a win of 1-0. So far, the East Hall High School baseball team has done exceptionally well this season and hopes to continue this winning streak. 


“Our offense seems to have improved ,but, with the exception of Senior TJ Smith, we are relying heavily on underclassmen to pitch meaningful innings and they will need to continue to improve.” Says Fowler


After many practices and their first three games, Coach Fowler has seen what the team is doing well there and what they need to improve on. They have regular practices throughout the week and between games in order to prepare their offense and defense.


“We’re 3-0 for the first time in a long time, but we play 29 games in a season so it means nothing if we lose the next 26.”


As Coach Fowler puts it, the boys still have a long way to go in the season before they reach the end. The team must keep pushing and working hard to be able to pull off a very successful season and to continue into playoffs and further games. However, the resilience and effort they demonstrate is what East Hall stands for as they continue on into the conference games and season. 


The baseball team’s next non-conference game is Friday, February 21st. They play at five in the afternoon at home in the East Hall Community Center. Make sure to come out and support our excellent baseball team as they enter the season and continue their winning streak and to show appreciation to their hard work.