Don’t Let the Bedbugs Bite

I have a fear of bugs and it started when I was a child and my brother and older sister would chase me around the house with bugs. I went to hide in bed, cry and scream for them to stop until our mom made them stop and apologize to me. Now that I’m a young adult it’s gotten embarrassing. An adult male screaming because there was a creepy crawly on the ground. Pathetic. It doesn’t help that I live alone. Bugs tend to find their way into my house and I freak out trying to kill them. 


I have all the bug killers to help with my fear but it doesn’t. But they’re so much smaller than me and can’t hurt me so why am I so afraid of them. It’s just stupid. Anyways, I was home alone watching tv when I heard a buzzing noise. Thinking it was a fly I tried to ignore it until it came into my field of view so I could kill it later. I also had a fly trap in the middle of the living room so if I couldn’t catch it then it would get trapped in the fly catcher. Flies were different, yeah they were  bugs and annoying but that was the one thing I wasn’t afraid of. Just the crawly and nasty ones. All bugs are nasty. 


Just as I thought the fly got caught in the fly catcher and that was the end of that. I went back to my show then another buzzing came. Gosh, another fly. It was summer so flies were not uncommon during this time of year. They must’ve come in from when I was on the balcony earlier and somehow slipped past me. Annoying pests. I hoped it got caught like it’s friend and that would be the end of that. It did and there were no more buzzing noises. Guess there were only two flies. Two hours later there was another buzzing noise. Where there more flies? 


I got up, annoyed and tried to find the fly so I could kill it. But after a few minutes of looking I couldn’t find it. I decided to go to the store and get a bug bomb. That should take care of the fly and any other bugs that were hiding. I got two to make sure that nothing would be left alive. I went home and set them off before leaving again. I would have to leave the house for an hour but since I had set off two bombs I would have to leave for two hours. I decided to do some shopping for some food and other things I needed to stock up on. Two hours had passed and I had gone back home to put up my food and other things. The buzzing stopped. It worked. I picked up both the bug bombs off the floor and threw them into the trash. That was the end of that. I put the food up and decided to watch some tv before taking a shower and calling it a day. 


I ate some dinner before going to bed. As I laid in bed trying to sleep I heard the same dang buzzing noise. What? I thought I had killed them. I tried to ignore it so I could sleep but it wouldn’ stop flying around. I wanted to scream out of frustration but didn’t. I walked into my bathroom and found some earplugs and then them in. Everything was muffled. Now I could finally get some sleep. I laid back down and went to bed. That night I had a dream, a disgusting dream. I was lying in a field looking at a crystal blue sky, no cloud in sight. Flowers hugged every inch of my body. A butterfly flew across my face, it was calm. Then a ladybug crawled up my arm. I began to freak out a little. It’s just one bug, nothing that bad. Then another crawled up my arm, then more, and more and more and more until I was covered in all types of bugs. 


They crawled in and out of my mouth, ears and eyes. I tried screaming but whenever I opened my mouth  more bugs fell in. I woke up screaming and gagging trying to get the imaginary bugs out of my mouth. I took a hot shower that morning. To get my mind off that horrid dream I decided to get some breakfast at a local coffee shop I loved. I asked for my usual coffee and biscuits and waited for my food and drink to be ready. Once they were ready I thanked the man, got my food and got into my car. I was so hungry that I just had to eat right then and there. Unwrapping the warm biscuit the smell wafted through the air making my hunger grow more. I took a big bite of the biscuit and began to chew. I swallowed and took a sip of my coffee. My mind was now at ease forgetting the events of the dream. I was going to take another bite of my biscuit but then I paused. I took a look at the food in my hand. 


The meat looked as if it was moving. I took apart the biscuit and ripped the meat apart to find maggots. I began gagging trying to make myself throw up. I was so furious, how dare they sell me tainted food. Before I stormed into the shop I took a sip of my coffee. Something landed on my tongue. I began crunching it with my teeth before spitting whatever it was on a napkin. There looking back at me was a cockroach. I threw up that time. I went back into the shop, coffee and biscuit in hand and stormed up to the counter. I slammed both on the counter in rage. 


“There’s bugs in my food. How dare you sell rotten food and coffee with bugs in it!” I screamed. There were small gasps behind me. A lady came up to me with a worried look. 


“Is there something wrong with your order sir?” She asked. 

“Yes, there’s bugs in my food.” 


She looked at the food I had placed on the counter, took it and examined it. She pulled apart the already ripped meat and said she saw nothing. I told her about the roach in my drink. She poured it into a clear cup and there was nothing there. She even called over another coworker and her manager. They all saw nothing wrong with the food let alone traces of bugs. I felt embarrassed. I apologized and left without another word. Maybe I had imagined it because of the dream I had. I went home and tried to calm down from what had happened. I thought maybe watching some tv would take my mind off things and make me forget about the embarrassing thing in the coffee shop. 


A few hours later I had gotten hungry, guess I didn’t really have a proper breakfast. I went to the kitchen to see what I had to eat. I opened the fridge and saw I had some cheese, a grilled cheese sounded so good right now. I looked around but noticed I only had raisin bread. Maybe raisin bread would be good too. Closing the fridge I went over to my counter and opened the bread. A foul smell emanated from the package. Ugh, it had gone bad. Taking a slice out to make sure I heard a buzzing. It was coming from the bread. I looked closely, there was a fly in the bread. More buzzing came from the package. It was infested with flies. I screamed and threw the bread away. I had lost my appetite. After a long and stressful day I couldn’t wait to go to bed. I laid on my soft pillow and felt at ease when my head hit the pillow. Finally, I could relax. After a few hours of sleeping something woke me up. There was this feeling in my stomach, like something was moving around inside of me. What was going on. 


I turned on the light and looked at my skin. It felt like something was crawling beneath my skin. There was this tickling feeling throughout my whole body. Then I saw something move on the palm of my hand. There was the cursed buzzing again. It was coming from me. Quickly I rushed to the kitchen to grab a knife. There were bugs inside of me and I had to get them out. There were already laying eggs, hatching their offspring in my chest, stomach, maybe my eyes. I had to get them out, I just had to. I took the biggest knife and carved into my skin like it was a slice of cake. It was easy to cut the skin, it was soft. Blood began spilling from my arm onto the floor and my feet. Nothing came out, they must be hiding. I stuck my fingers inside the but making it bigger and bigger the more I dug. I had to find them, I had to find the bugs. A few minutes later my body was cut up and blood painted the floor. I sat on the floor exhausted and weak. I could still feel them crawling all inside me. They were inside me and I couldn’t get them out. My vision began to fade and my breathing became slow. The last thing I heard was buzzing. This time it wasn’t annoying but soothing. 


Don’t let the bed bugs bite.