Taking the Stage: Miss Valhalla


On March 31st, the Viking Vision Theatre Group will be hosting its 3rd annual Miss Valhalla Pageant. Girls in grades 9-12 will be preparing to show off their talent and beauty in hopes of winning the crown and cash prize. The VVTG Program hopes this year’s pageant will be a success, unlike last year when the event was canceled due to lack of participation.


“Miss Valhalla is a great opportunity for the ladies at East Hall to represent who they are,” says Junior Maura Ostrander.


The Miss Valhalla contestants will participate in a series of two different categories, casual wear, and a red carpet look. The girls participating will be in three different rounds. The first being an introduction and question, the second is showing your formal wear, and lastly fun fashion where the girls will get to show off their casual wear. At the end of the night, Miss Valhalla and her court will be crowned. There will be a Freshman, Sophomore, and Junior queen and a Miss Valhalla reserved for the class of 2020. 


Last year, along with Miss Valhalla, there was also an event titled “Mr. Valhalla.”  Theatre Director Mrs. Aimee Jordan made the tough decision to not host a male portion of the show and keep it focused on Miss Valhalla. The program is hopeful that there will be more participation compared to last year’s turn out. Only four boys signed up for Mr. Valhalla and Mrs. Jordan felt it was the best decision to cancel the competition all around. This year, there have only been two girls to sign up for the pageant thus far. 


Miss Valhalla is a great opportunity for anyone who enjoys fashion and wants to take home the prize. The Miss Valhalla event will take place on March 31st in the Performing Arts Center.