East Hall vs. North Oconee

East Hall boys and girls played North Oconee on Tuesday February 25 . Both girls and boys ended up losing . Girl’sCoach Brian Holyfield and Boy’s Coach Mark Wade responded to the loss by making Varsity Girls stay an extra thirty minutes and run . Coach Wade did not make the Varsity Boys face any repercussions for their loss.


The girls played first and ended the game early by not making it past the first half. They got mercy ruled before the first half ended with a score of 10-0. Coach Holyfeild says the girls “lack communication.” They also stated that they need to learn  “how to pass instead of trying to take it themselves the whole way”. He is currently working on teaching them how to use their teammates and work as a team. 


The boys played the whole game and held it down . The score ended at 4-0. Our boys did not score any goals but still didn’t let North Oconee score too many . Coach Wade didn’t think anything of the loss and is continuing to work with the boys to make them better .