I’m the background character to everyone’s life. They don’t notice me and I’m perfectly fine with that. They don’t need to know who I am until it’s our time to finally meet. Usually when we do they’re scared, confused, angry or sad. Some don’t know why they end up meeting me, others don’t expect me. It’s fine, I’m used to the odd looks they give when we cross paths. At first it hurted because I thought that I had done something wrong but it wasn’t me it was the fact that I wasn’t who they expected. I’ve had great conversations with some before I had to let them go. Some don’t know they’ve seen me but they have, they just weren’t old enough to remember. 


The first assignment I had was to watch this very old lady who lived alone. She was sitting in her living room watching tv with her dog when there was a loud bang from her front door. She turned but met a bullet in her forehead along side with her dog. While the man took what he wanted from the old lady I took her hand in mine, scooped up her dog leaving their flesh behind and walked out of the house. She was confused and asked who I was and where I was taking her too. I told her I was an angel and it was her time to go home. I thought that’d be the easier approach since she was religious. She thanked me and called me a sweet little boy for coming all this way to take her home. 


But my most recent assignment was hard, not physically but emotionally. I was assigned to watch this little kid. He was healthy and well cared for so why would I be observing him? I didn’t really question it and watched him and his daily life. His mother was expecting another child. It was supposed to be a girl and everyone was thrilled about the new arrival that would be coming in a month. 

I learned that the little boy’s name was Adian and he was around my age, eight years old. He was a nice boy and was kind to everyone he met so I knew his forever home would be the nice place. A month later his mom went into labor around nine pm when the family was getting ready for bed. They rushed into the car in their pajamas trying to make it to the hospital in time. The little boy was excited but also scared since his father was driving so fast. 


“Honey slow down.” The wife said but she was ignored as her husband continued to press the gas trying to go faster. Why would he be in such shock if he’s been through this before? Maybe he couldn’t wait to meet his daughter. There was a red light and his wife tried to tell him to slow down but it was too late, he ran the red light and was hit by a big transfer tuck. The car slid on the wet road as it had been raining a few hours before. It was almost majestic how the car flipped over and slid on the wet road. Once the car stopped the husband looked back to see if his son and wife were okay. But the son wasn’t in the car, instead he was on the road laying with a broken neck. The wife was fine, only a few broken bones,  nothing too serious but there was a lot of blood. They both looked down, the blood was coming from her, the baby. 


They both screamed, the man from fear and the woman from heartache. An ambulance was called not too long after and carried the couple away with the mother screaming for her son who was taken in a different ambulance. At the hospital the boy was declared dead, he’d been dead for about half an hour. That coupled with the news of the woman’s dead baby inside of her made the women an emotional wreck and caused her to yell profanity at her husband and blame him for the death of her two kids. The man apologized but she wasn’t having it and had him kicked out of the room. I made my way over to the room of the dead boy. His flesh laid on the bed while he was looking confused. He saw me. 


“Have you seen my momma?” He asked. I nodded. 

“Can you take me to her?” I nod again and motined for him to take my hand. 


He did so and we walked down the hall passing doctors and nurses. Adian tried to get their attention but they couldn’t hear him. We walked into the room where his mother was. She was crying hysterically. 


“Momma!” Adain ran over to his mother and gave her a big hug. “Momma why are you crying?” He asked. 


She shook her head mumbling his name under her breath while cursing her husband for being such a fool. Adain looked at me. 


“Why is she crying?” He asked. 

“Because, you’re gone.”

“No,” He laughed, “I’m right here. Momma I’m right here can’t you see me?”

“No, she can’t. She can’t see you because you’re not here anymore. Your body is but you’re not.”

“I-I don’t understand.” 

“Adain, you’re dead. So is your unborn sister.” 


kkHis face went blank. I could tell he didn’t understand the concept of death but neither did I when it happened to me. He’s the same age as me too. Weird. Then we heard a baby’s cry coming from the mother’s stomach. I walked over, reached into the stomach and pulled out Adain’s little sister. I rocked her trying to make the crying stop. I looked over to Adain crying softly on his mother’s body. 


“It’s time to go Adain.” 


He looked up at me wet faced and all. 


“Will I see her again?” 


I nodded. He looked at his mother one last time before whispering goodbye and waving as we walked out of the building hand in hand. Contrary to popular belief I am not death. I’m not the one who determines your fate or what happens after. I’m just assigned to whoever, take them to them their forever home then it’s on to the next person. I just watch. 


I’m only an observer.