No More Girl’s Junior Varsity

Soccer season started in January with the first girls varsity game being in the end of January and the first jv game being in the last few days of february.  Varsity has had approximately 7-8 games . Some of varsity’s games have been cancelled and they are included in the 7-8 games they have had . They have lost 6 out of the seven and only won 1 . 


Junior Varsity has had only one game but they won that game 6-0. They had one cancelled game which would have been against Chestatee highschool. The girls Junior Varsity season has been sadly cut short  and only lasted 5 weeks . The season was cut short because of a lack of players for the junior varsity league and many injured players. 


Coach Bryan Holyfield ended up cutting off jv completely . There will be no more games for girls junior varsity . Boys junior varsity however will be continued . Coach Bryan Holyfield’s solution was to cut a few girls that used to be on jv and move up only some girls to varsity. However, varsity season will continue on as scheduled .