Humans of Valhalla: Mr. Bryan Holyfield


Teachers always strive for their students to do their best in school and improve on a day to day basis. They look out  for their grades, but not only that they look out for your well being as well. With working hard and coming in on days such as Teacher Work Day to plan out for the month for the objective of the class , they deserve recognition.  This week Bryan Holyfield holds the teacher spotlight. 


This is Bryan Holyfield’s first year teaching here at East Hall and he currently teaches US History, Economics and Current Issues. Holyfield has taught for six years in middle school and private school  During his time teaching, he taught all the categories that would fall under history, like Geography.


“My favorite part of teaching is the interaction with students, getting to know them, seeing them enjoy learning as well as seeing them have success, and  becoming more knowledgeable about the world. Particularly aware of our past and our history.” Holyfield said.


He got his bachelors degree in Social Studies from William Carey University and has a master’s degree from Indiana University. 


‘’I just always loved history and it was something that I always enjoyed studying and getting to know more about. It is where my passion lies.’’ 


Mr. Holyfield also coaches our soccer team this season. He also coaches his son’s REC team . A REC team is a recreation of soccer. It is not as competitive as a league team would be. He personally enjoys going outside and playing soccer. Mr. Holyfield has a family with three little boys. His hope for the students that he teaches is that they feel encouraged to go after the things that they want to achieve in life and they feel like the teachers are helping them get there.