Brandy Hill

Brandy Hill

With the introduction of the new school year we have new staff as well. This year we have 17 new teachers in many departments. We at The Valhalla would like to thank each teacher for taking the time to talk to us and introduce themselves. Brandy Hill is one of those new teachers and we had the opportunity to speak with her.


Q:What subject do you teach? 


A:Biology and Human Anatomy


Q:How long have you been teaching? 


A:This is my 7th year as a teacher.


Q:Why did you become a teacher? 


A:I actually never wanted to be a teacher. After college I worked a couple of jobs to see what I liked doing. I didn’t really find joy in any of those jobs. My mother asked me one day to think of a time I felt truly happy and what I was doing. I remembered being in elementary school and teaching my teddy bears. I used to line them up and I would teach them what I learned each day. I created lessons, answers keys, and even disciplined when they wouldn’t listen to me. It was then that I decided to go back to school to be a teacher. And I have to say, I love what I do and I wouldn’t trade in my job for anything. 


Q:Why did you choose to teach at East Hall? 


A:I had just recently moved to the area when I got the call to interview with Mr. Cooper and Mr. Rich. I called my mom and told her that I had an interview with East Hall High School and she yelled into the phone that she would love to babysit my kids so I could see the school she graduated from. Actually, most of my family graduated from here. When I got here, I could just sense a belonging and like the school was a family. Everyone was extremely nice and was eager to talk to me. Once Mr. Cooper called to offer the job, I was excited to say I was going to be an East Hall Viking!  


Q:What do you do outside of school? 


A: I have two kids, Killian and Scarlett, who take up most of my time. Killian is 3 and Scarlett is 1. I am also attending the University of Georgia to get my Specialist degree in Secondary Science Education. If I am not being a mom, student, or teacher- you can find me hiking or just outside! 


Q:What is something you want your students to know or an interesting fact about you? 


A:I am a HUGE sports fan; of all sports. I bleed Red and Black (Dawgs and Falcons) during the football season. I also follow the Atlanta Braves, Seattle Seahawks, GSU Eagle, Atlanta Hawks, UNC Tar Heels- Basketball, and ATL United.