Marcela Jurado


With the introduction of the new school year we have new staff as well. This year we have 17 new teachers in many departments. We at The Valhalla would like to thank each teacher for taking the time to talk to us and introduce themselves. Marcela Jurado is one of those new teachers and we had the opportunity to speak to her. 


Q.What subject do you teach?


A:Spanish 1


Q:How long have you been teaching?


A:In total, 5 years, in the USA this is my first year.


Q:Why did you become a teacher?


A:I love to teach, there is a rewarding feeling when you see your students accomplish something new; in my case when you see how they start speaking a new language. I want them to know that they are really smart.


Q:Why did you choose to teach at East Hall?


A:It is close to my house but I also think that I may have some things in common with the most of the students here and that is the social background where I grew up. When I knew I was hired I already started thinking about what stories I could share with my students so they can feel not only related but also for them to find hope and feel encouraged to fight for a better future and I am not only speaking about money but about finding and following their dreams.


Q:What do you do outside of school?


A:I spend time with my wonderful husband and our dogs.


Q:What’s something you want your students to know or an interesting fact about you?


A:I had several Scholarships from the USA government and that was being in my country Ecuador, so I want you to know that there are opportunities out there, you can get a partial or a complete scholarship for college because of your social background, your grades, or the type of profession that you are interested in. I want you to know that you have to start researching about it or talking to a Counselor, just ask, do not wait until you are a Senior.