How was picture day different in 2020?


With everything going on this year it was no surprise that picture day was going to be different. In the past, picture day would mean the gymnasium would be packed and having to wait in a long line to get your picture taken. However this year things weren’t quite the same. Covid-19 precautionary measurements have taken over every aspect of everyday life and picture day was no different. Students were sent at different times during their English classes, only one class was allowed in at a time. Only two picture stations were set up in the gym and they were extremely quick about getting you in and out of there. Many students and teachers actually preferred picture day this year, no long line, no packed hot gym, and not missing a lot of class time we’re all bonuses.

“I liked how smoothly everything went and I could tell a lot of planning went into it.” says Noah Ledford, a junior at EHHS. 

Most students agreed that it was necessary to take these precautionary measurements and all and all everything went perfectly smooth.