Review: New Chick-Fil-A Menu Items


Chick-fil-a is one of the most popular fast food restaurants known for their southern food and hospitality. The restaurant holds the iconic chicken sandwich and waffle fries. Quite a few restaurants have released new items to their menu including McDonald’s spicy nuggets and Travis Scott Burger, Taco Bell’s new drink, and Wendy’s new pretzel burger. On September 10th, Chick Fil A joined other fast food restaurants in releasing 3 new items to their menu.


 The Dwarf Grill was founded in May of 1946 by S. Truett Cathy and is now known by everyone as “Chick-Fil-A.” The original featured some of the classic items along with other items that are now discontinued. The original menu included items such as Hamburgers, Chicken Salad, and Apple pie. Over time, the menu slowly introduced new items that are now a part of the classic menu. Chick-Fil-a doesn’t add to their menu often so when they do, fans of the restaurants hurry to try the items.


Chick-fil-a now offers a new dessert named the chocolate fudge brownie. These brownies are $1.89 and include chocolate chips melted into a fudge brownie. The other two menu items are coffee drinks to help you start your morning. Chickfila now offers THRIVE Farmers Coffee, a blend of coffee with caramel made from South African Beans. The final item is named The Mocha Cream Cold Brew. The iced coffee drink features a swirl of cold brew coffee, sweet cream, and chocolate syrup.  


I had the opportunity to try two of them new menu items, the chocolate brownie and Mocha Cold Brew. The brownie was a decent size for the price and looked as the picture showed. I’m personally not a huge fan of brownies but it surprisingly tasted good. I don’t think I would order it again, but it was a good dessert and I’m sure would be liked by a brownie fan. I next tried the Mocha Cream Cold Brew. My favorite coffee menu item is a frosted coffee and this new item tastes no different. It tastes like a melted version of the frosted coffee and is not as strong as I thought. There was also chocolate sauce throughout the drink and made it taste like chocolate milk.

Overall, I thoroughly enjoyed the new items I tried from Chick-Fil-A. Fans can only hope they will continue to add new items to the menu. For now, you can go to Chick-Fil-A now, order the items, and it will be their pleasure to serve you.