A day in the life of a virtual student

As you know not all of us chose to do in-person learning, that means that they chose virtual learning. Virtual learning students don’t have to come into school since they do all their work at home, but they still have work to do.  Instead of attending classes like the rest of us, they have scheduled zoom meetings for their classes and they have their  daily and weekly school assignments just like us. Some students within the first week of school decided to switch to virtual learning, most teachers don’t really recommend virtual learning but at the end of the day it’s up to us. Here are some questions with answers about what it’s like bieng a virtual learning student from a student’s point of view . 

Q : If you could do in-person learning instead would you? 

A: “ definitely not”

Q: What’s your favorite part about virtual learning?

A:  “ You get to work at your own pace and you can do it while in your bed”

Q: What is it like doing virtual learning?

A: “ you sign on and have to turn in your assignments for each week before sunday at midnight and it’s easy work”

Q: is it easier to balance a job with school if you have a job?

A; “ yes because you can get off work then do school.”