The Importance of Mental Health at East Hall

With all of the many changes happening this school year, one new thing about this year is the addition of The Wellness Team. The Wellness Team is a Hall County initiative that was started this summer by a team of teachers from many different hall county schools with the goal to incorporate ways to help improve our overall mental and physical wellness into school time. They saw the many negative effects of all that is going on in the world right now, many students and teachers could be feeling a lot of anxiety, loneliness, anger, fear, and uncertainty, they saw there was a need so they gathered several helpful resources and found ways to incorporate those to help improve everyone’s overall wellness. During Shield Time students and teachers can learn techniques and activities that will help with your wellness. These activities include brain breaks, meditation, journaling, checking in on one another and more. 

East Hall’s Wellness team has focused on 4 areas, those areas are balance, centering, journaling, and accountability.

 “We thought if we practiced those four things we could take better care of ourselves and others.” says John Hardison, who was one of those Hall County teachers who saw the need for The Wellness Team. 

He assembled East Hall’s division of The Wellness Team. Which is made up of 15 teachers who have dived into the 4 categories, each team builds lessons and provides resources that help with their specific area of wellness. Then those lessons are put into the Shield Time canvas course, where every teacher shares them with their students.

Many Students think that The Wellness Team is a great thing that East Hall is incorporating. Learning strategies that can help you calm down or center yourself could save you from making bad decisions your whole life.