The fall of GameStop


If you’ve played video games in any capacity then Gamestop is a name you’ll recognize but if you don’t know what Gamestop is then let me explain. Gamestop is the biggest video game retail store in the world. It was everyones on stop shop for everything video game related. Gamestop started to fall from grace when the ps4 and the xbox one were released. When these consoles released digital games started to gain popularity this really killed a lot of Gamestop’s customers because why would anyone want to go to a store and buy a game when you can do it from the comfort of your own home. In 2013 Gamestop thought it would be a good idea to start to buy smartphone stores. If you don’t remember this I really don’t blame you because it failed big time. Gamestop bought spring mobile then afterwards they bought stores from at&t. They had bought about 1,500 mobile stores. They had hoped that each store would at least make them a million apiece but since i’m here writing this article that obviously didn’t happen and all the mobile stores they ended up buying just ended up becoming dead weight which is why in 2018 they were trying to sell 1,289 of their stores.
The final thing I want to talk about is how Gamestop drove their own customers away. Gamestop is ripping off their own customers there’s no way around it. Whether it be from charging you absurd prices for preowned games or giving you barely any money for selling your own games there Gamestop has treated their own customers terribly. The only reason people go to Gamestop is for convenience not because the prices are good. But once better options started to appear people jumped ship whether it be to go someplace else or simply buy online. The main reason people dislike Gamestop is because of the way the handle selling your games to them. Game stop gives you less that half of what the game is worth and then turn around and sell the game for full price and to rub salt on the wound they give you the money in form of a gift card which means you have to come back to Gamestop just to waste the money your got from selling your games to them. I think Michael Pachter described Gamestop the best “The company is melting ice cube for sure it’s going to go away eventually”. Ath the end of the day gamestop is going to crash and burn like Toys R Us but that won’t be for a while but when it does happen gamestop has no one else but themselves to blame for their terrible decisions.