2020’s Trick or Treat So Kids Can Eat


Halloween is this Saturday and the East Hall theatre department,VVTG, will be putting on their 3rd annual “Trick or Treat so Kids Can Eat” production. 


A new tradition that started in 2018, Viking Vision Theatre Group has been putting on a student written and directed play every Halloween during the school day. Students pay to go to the show with two cans of food. The food is then donated to the Salvation army to help feed children in need. 


“It’s a great show for a great cause,” says Rachel Bonilla, a Senior here at East Hall and Secratary of VVTG


This year’s plot for the show follows a group of students at a high school for monsters called “East Halloween High School.” There is humor, romance, mystery, and murder. The script was written by students in VVTG and is being directed by Maura Ostrander, a Senior at East Hall and President of VVTG. The show will also involve audience participation and candy will be tossed into the audience at the end of the show, so it will be a lot of fun. 


“It will be a fun time and we hope everyone gets a chance to come see it.” says Maura Ostrander, a senior here at East Hall and president of VVTG.


This year is a little different because of Covid-19 preliminary measurements. Instead of bringing cans to the theatre during advisement like the years before, students will need to bring their cans to a theatre student in the front of the lunch room during their lunch period, then receive a ticket for the class period you will watch the show in. 


The last day for bringing cans in is Wednesday, October 28th, and Thursday, October 29th for tickets for Friday.  The show will be performed on Thursday, October 29th, and Friday, October 30th.