The Mad Ones: East Hall’s new touching musical


Up next for the Viking Vision Theatre Group is the one act play, “The Mad Ones” ,which will be performed on November 12th. However, it will only be open to family members due to Covid-19 regulations. 


Beverly (Maura Ostrander) and Sam (Allie Ladd)

“The Mad Ones” was written by play writers, Kait Kerrigan and Brian Lowdermilk, and the plot of the show follows high school valedictorian Samantha Brown, played by Senior Allie Ladd and her best friend, Kelly, played by Senior Rachel Bonilla, who died just before graduation when she was hit by a speeding automobile. That’s not really a spoiler since Kelly tells us this like 5 minutes into the show. The story is told through mostly flashbacks, other elements of the story include Sam’s relationship with her overbearing mother, Beverly, Played by senior Maura Ostrander, a statistician who wrote a book about road accidents. As well as Sam’s boyfriend Adam, played by Freshman, Colton Hewell. 



“I am so proud of seniors,” says Aimee Jordan, the East Hall theatre teacher and director of The Mad Ones. “This show gives these girls a chance to showcase how much they have grown in their high school career. The entire tech crew is also made up of my seniors who I love and adore and I want to see all achieve the highest accolades possible, and our newcomer Colton who is just a freshman but has amazing potential in the program.”


Sam (Allie Ladd) and Kelly (Rachel Bonilla)

Allie Ladd has been acting in East Hall’s shows since she was in 6th Grade. She started as a fish in “Seussical” and now she’s starring as the leading lady in “The Mad Ones”. Allie started to shine her Sophomore year when she played Dorothy in ‘The Wizard of Oz’, she was also going to play Ariel in ‘Footloose’ but that was unfortunately cancelled by coronavirus.  After “The Mad Ones” she will star as another Ariel in  ‘Disney’s The Little Mermaid’. Maura Ostrander has also been acting alongside Allie since she was in 6th grade from a bird in “Cinderella”, to Emily in “Elf the Musical”, and now Beverly in “The Mad Ones”. Maura has really started to shine in highschool and will definitely go on to great things. Maura will also star as a conniving sea witch known as Ursula in the upcoming production of ‘Disney’s The Little Mermaid’. Rachel started acting her freshman year starring as a Dynamite in “Hairspray” and her Junior year she was Jovie in ‘Elf the Musical’. Rachel has grown so much over the years. So has Colton Hewell, who played Theo in ‘Pippin’ his 7th grade year and now playing a lead role his freshman year as Adam in ‘The Mad Ones’. 


“The Mad Ones” will be VVTG’s One Act show which means it will be performed again on January 30th at the one act competition which will actually be hosted at East Hall High School. Last year VVTG placed 3rd at One Act and got an award for best costumes and puppets for their show “Jasper in Deadland”. This year they are hoping to place even higher. Even though only family can watch the show keep an eye out for clips coming to The Viking Vision Theatre Group Youtube channel.