East Hall Students Decide Plans for Next Semester


East Hall High School has now started planning what the second semester will look like for students in terms of whether they will be moving into online learning or in-person. The administration sent out a survey for students and parents to decide their decision by this Friday, November 13th.


At the beginning of the school year, the school sent out a similar survey for students to choose their type of learning due to COVID leaving many students to not want to do in-person learning. Now that the second semester has rolled around and students have been able to see their preferred form of learning, they are now able to choose for the second semester. Administrator Micah Hoyt says that the county office has offered families to choose once again for this next semester. 


“Some families have had a change in circumstances that necessitated a change in how they attend school,” says Hoyt. “Now that we are almost done with this semester, we are once again giving them the option to choose what they feel is best for their family.”


Many students have decided to continue either all online or all in-person. However, there are also many students who are choosing to move into the other form of learning. Yoshi Castro, a Senior, has been taking online classes for the first semester, but is switching to in-person. 


“I am switching next semester because it’s been hard doing it at home”, says Castro. “Not only that but it gets very depressing being at home and not seeing people and I don’t feel like I’m a part of the school anymore but rather an extension of it.”


Administration expects there to be more students transferring into in-person learning. Once students have decided, they will see which classes will need to be accommodated for more students or “dissolve” classes that aren’t needed to make room for classes who do. Mr. Hoyt says that it will be an extensive task but everything should be ready by January 5th.