The Young Politicians Club: New club at East Hall


With all the many new things happening at East Hall this school year, a brand new club has emerged. The Young Politicians Club is a new club spearheaded by Senior Abbey Hightower. The goal of the club is to bring the political world and real world together, to help educate peers, and to impact the community. The first meeting for the young politicians club was held last week on Thursday, November 12th.

“This is a chance to really get people involved in the real world and learn about what’s going on around them. Everyone is going to get a chance to represent themselves and their communities in politics,” said Abbey Hightower.

A website for the club is soon to be created. Every month they will have a new topic to write about and express their ideas and opinions about. The club will decide on the topic of the month and then write 1-2 articles about it every week alongside artwork. The articles and art will be up on the website. The topics will be about modern social and political issues such as climate change, public health, racism, LGBTQ rights and more.

“The club was made so anyone can come and represent themselves and learn about politics.” Abbey says, “ Education and activism is at the root of The Young Politicians Club.”

The club is just getting started, and so much more is to come. If you are interested in joining the club come by the next meeting in room 204. Ask a member of the club for dates and times.